Cute cat photos!

I decided to park myself on the coach for some work and so did Ed. He made it very hard to talk to my friends/blog and such. But he was too adorable.


So then he got comfy next to me and did this. Like come on! How is a girl suppose to work in these conditions?! SO MUCH CUTE.

IMG_4448Anyway, after finally getting courage to get up and get my pre-workout snack (I say courage because I kept glancing down at Ed like this and being like “sooo hungry…but he is being so cute by sleeping like…want …to disturb!!”) I had my granola and got into P90X3. Talk about sweat! I did lower eccentric and triometrics. Woohoo!

IMG_4451Before heading off to work with my clients I had this yummy wonder. Lots of veggies, quinoa and meatballs. YEAH!

IMG_4452Then I went off with my Perrier (because I am a classy broad) to train with my clients. Again wearing my technicoloured dream shoes.

IMG_4453What? I like colour! I spend most of the day doing little errands and working. I felt like the day went by SUPER fast. I also had to jaunt up to the bank to get some american dolla bills, y’all! My trip is creeping up fast! I cannot wait!! I can tell you why I am going to San Diego and why I have been going through some “stuff” the last few months…soon.

I also packed since I am spending the week with my family in Vancouver before flying off.  It is mama’s birthday, I have a few appointments, wanted to see my best friend before she jets off to London town and then I fly out of here next weekend. So very excited!


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