Packing my suitcase WAY in advance

Forced myself up for another early morning run. I realize how much out of routine I have gotten over the years. I used to live for waking up at 6 to run when no one was out on the road. But Friday, I wanted to get everything done first thing so I could get on my way to Vancouver.


Because my lovely Nike Plus was finicky, I decided to just do with a stop watch timer.

IMG_4457Ed helped me map out how far I went.

IMG_4458I was struggling on this one. Really. I honestly felt SO slow even though I had my granola before I left. Usually I feel off because I can’t do fasted running very well..but this wasn’t the case. Turned out, I was actually going faster than I thought. I think my avg pace was about a 5:33/km. Not too shabby. Ran 6.8 km..if you can’t see the tiny print in that photo.

Then my mom called and said I should take the float plane over instead, which I did. Found a decent deal and went with it.

IMG_4459It was absolutely stunning out there. BEAUTIFUL blue skies. I love gliding over Victoria and seeing all the pathways I run on pretty regularly. Is that weird? Whatever. It is kinda neat to see how far those runs look from an aerial view! My mom picked me up and we stopped at Choices to pick up some groceries. Totally forgot to get almond milk which Ill have to go get later. Then went home to watch PVRed Grey’s Anatomy and have some leftovers my mom had the other night. Stuffed pepper and salad. In the pepper is mainly ground beef with taco seasoning.

IMG_4460It feels great to be home. The dogs were recently groomed and look beautiful. Especially molly, who I think looks like a canine Sailor Moon with her pigtails.


I then went through my suitcase again. Yes I pack far far in advance. I popped in my moms teeeeeny oster blender. The thing was like $30 and is super convenient. It has two blender bottles that turn into portable bottles. Perfect for the trip. What? I can’t be without my Shakeology, yo. Plus I am saving money by not buying breakfast everyday I am there. Also, I pack in advance because I want to make sure I don’t take my entire life with me. I hate paying overweight so I want to be sure I have enough room for a few items I may pick up along the way!


Are you a last minute packer or a planned out in advance packer?



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