The Eatery- Vancouver – West Broadway

Didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday. Whoopsies. Did ya miss me ;)?

Saturday night we brought my Grandma out to the Boathouse in Richmond.I decided to have my old school Saturday night meal before a long run. Steak. Nom.

IMG_4474It was absolutely perfect. I went to bed early so to get a good nights sleep. I find when I am feeling nervous about a long run, the best thing I can do is set myself up for success. AKA a good meal and a good nights sleep. That is exactly what I did.

I pulled out these beauties to start breaking them in. I love the colour combo of these Mizuno Waverider 17s. They were a birthday gift from my brother when he was in Arizona. I LOVE THEM.

IMG_4472These will be the babies I sport on the BMO Vancouver marathon course in May. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Now as for my run. I don’t have much photo evidence. I guess recently I have been thinking about all the workout photos I put on Instagram. I still will do them, I just feel it may be a bit over the top. So I took a bit of a step back in the last week or so. Anyway, I ran 32.2 km in 3:40:01 (That works out to be about 20 miles).

The route was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I picked my brother up at 4 km. He is training for his very first half marathon and will be running the Rock’n’Roll half marathon in San Francisco with me in a few weeks. He ran his LONGEST run ever and I am so proud! He did so well. He ran 19 km. We ran out across Burarrd St. bridge (my fave bridge, so beautiful!), and down West Georgia to get out to Stanley park. We ran around the park and there was an 8 km race going on. The seawall is kind of narrow so we ran in the bike lane which we hate doing. It was pretty early, so there weren’t too many bikes so it wasn’t horrible. Inspiring to see these elite runners run at the clip they run at.

For the most part the run was good. I listened to my new audiobook Insurgent (the second book in the Divergent series) for the parts of the run when I was on my own. But I will say I struggled a lot from about 28 km onward. I made myself go up NW marine which is a slight hill. Brutal when you are exhausted! But it is on the race course for BMO so I made sure to do it anyway. My rule of thumb? don’t stand down from hills or any tough routes when you are training. You don’t get to chose the race course, so why shy down? Don’t.


After a much needed hot bath with epsom salts (accompanied by Gossip Girl), I got dressed up (heavy sarcasm), to go see my best friend Natalie. What? after 20 miles you cannot expect me to wear jeans. Yoga pants all the way. Also I am obsessed with these Victoria Secret Sport stirrup yoga pants. MY FAVOURITE. And yes, I am aware if I put on my leg warmers I would look like a ballerina or something.

Nat took me to the Eatery on West Broadway. I have heard amazing things but never have gone. I wanted sushi BAD. I had sushi the following weekend but I really didn’t feel it was that great. I think our favourite sushi joint in Victoria has changed things a bit. But I am a sushi snob. Vancouver sushi is just where it is at.

The Eatery makes some AMAZING sushi. Crazy and creative combination!

IMG_4500Yes.. those are yam fries on the roll on the right. SO GOOD! Then Nat insisted we try this dessert.

IMG_4501What is that you ask? deep fried mars bar with ice cream.

So you can see why I would go to this place after a long run. Sooooo good! and amazing talks with Nat. I can’t wait to see her next and talk about her AMAZING trip she leaves for today! Natalie was my bridesmaid and has been one of my dearest friends since we were youngsters (I have known her since we were about 4 or 5!).

But yes, HIGHLY suggest the Eatery! I mean look at these menus! That should be enough for you to be like “okay, I am going to go try this place out!”

IMG_4497After that my brother and I had a chance to see the Vancouver Canucks play Buffalo. I thought why not. I was absolutely exhausted by eh, why not! However, sitting in those seats after running 20 miles? yeah not so comfy. My hips, knees and ankles were ACHING.

IMG_4510I used Volteran gel on my joints before bed and slept with a pillow under my legs. Felt so much better when I woke up. This guy wanted me to stay home with him but I was happy with my day even if I was exhausted and sore.


Amazing amazing day. Busy, sore, tired = an amazing SLEEP.



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