Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Happy Birthday to my Momma!! Well.. it was yesterday.

I actually ended up taking an unscheduled rest day. I probably could have pushed it, but just didn’t. It was kind of nice to be honest.


Went with red toe nail polish..as always. I love me a cherry red on my toesiez!


It is hard to see but I went with a bubble gum pink with a sparkly pink statement nail on my ring fingers. I got out of my yoga pants and into some decent looking clothing for dinner. I should really try to dress like a normal person more often..but sweats and yoga pants are just so comfy. Also, as weird as it sounds, I feel most attractive in my workout clothing. Ya, I know its odd. But it makes me feel confident.


We went out for dinner at one of my favourites, the Keg. My mom loves this place too. They always make a good steak for us.I went with a prime rib and potatoes. Couldn’t pass it up. it is one of my favourites.



Also one of my favourites? Billy Miner Pie. We celebrated by sharing some. So good!


Then I went to bed fairly early. I have been nursing some chafing. Trying some polysporin on it. I will say it is in the most uncomfortable place ever and I used body glide so really I don’t get it. Oh well. Thus the life of distance running sometimes. Oh and yep, I watched Gossip Girl ;).


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