How I make sure to workout when I don’t want to

Ever have those days when you tell yourself “okay, I am going to workout first thing in the morning” and then you just don’t? then throughout the entire day you keep saying “okay maybe a bit later”…then you start to think “well maybe I could take the day off.” Yeahhh that was me yesterday.

So what do I do when my mind is trying to tell myself to not workout?

My number 1 tip of all time?

Call a friend. Make some accountability for yourself.

Another reason why I LOVE the challenge groups we do. This was the best response my friend Liv sent me when I told the group I was having trouble getting the motivation to go out and do my run:

“Picture it, your running in SF at the race. Your feeling good your doing great that first hill comes up. Wow! It’s tough! Your pushing your hardest and your legs feel like jello but your doing it. Your in the zone, your focused, wait what’s that noise, you look to your right. Just in time to see a crazy homeless person with a shopping card loaded down with junk pass you by, he’s not even in the race but he’s passed you mumbling about how he’s faster than you or he’s talking to his imaginary friends, I’ve seen both, anyway, a photographer snaps a pic and it makes the news, the caption reads “Crazy guy beats veteran runner up the hills of SF during the race”. Don’t let it happen Jenn! Don’t regret missing that one missed run and let that crazy guy walk away with your metal. He’s only going to try and sell it back to you for booze money anyway. Go now! Get that run in before it’s too late!”

I have talked to Liv for years via messages and e-mail. We FINALLY are going to get a chance to meet in San Francisco in a few weeks! Super excited for that!

So anyway, I ran with my brother. I had to map my run again because my Nike Plus was off again. We ran 8 km in around 45 minutes. Pretty good pace actually!

IMG_4561Glad I got it done. I was suppose to have done pick up drills but I wasn’t mentally ready for that so I moved them to a different day. Just did a steady state run.

QOTD: How do you motivate yourself to workout when you do not want to?


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