IGNITE NATURALS: InRefresh Electrolytes Review

As I mentioned about a month and a half or two ago, Ignite Naturals was nice enough to send me electrolytes to try out for my training. I was intrigued since the company is based on using plant based sources and being completely natural. I loved that I could read and understand every ingredient on the package. It just looked like, well, real food!


I have been using In Refresh electrolytes by Ignite Naturals for about 7-8 weeks now on my long runs. I was a bit skeptical. As you may know if you have followed my training for a while, I have had my perils with finding more natural on-the-run fuels. So I would resort to Gaterade. Which I have learned does not have the kind of electrolytes you would expect it to. It is more a simple carbohydrate than an electrolyte source. Anyway, I have been so very impressed with the InRefresh product. They use stevia and unprocessed cane sugar to sweeten the drinks.

FLAVOURS:  I love the flavors. I find a lot of companies stick to the same flavors. You know what I mean. Lemon-lime. Fruit punch. Blue Raspberry (which is almost always gross by the way. Just sayin’). But they have some great flavors. Blueberry. Tangerine passionfruit. Dragon fruit lemon lime. Just to name a few.

QUALITY:  Personally, quality includes whole ingredients. That screams high quality to me. Also, how it preforms in my system. I would say this stuff it pretty high quality.

TASTE: I think I expected this stuff to be less sweet. Majority of electrolyte tablets and powders out there, they have a light fizz and maybe a light sweetness to them. So when I went in for my first taste, I was surprised with how sweet they were. But I was happy about that. When I run, I find I need something a bit sweeter. Plus, there is no weird chemically after-taste. Love how natural the product is!

PERFORMANCE: First, no upset stomach. Score! Second, I felt properly fuelled throughout my long runs with this stuff. I generally only use these on my long runs, since that is what I feel I need. But I feel alert. Just what I need.

PACKAGING: I was sent the sampler pack as you can see above. Which is great when you are getting to know the brand. They give a couple of each flavour so you can get a proper use of everything. Also only one serving per packet. I say that because I find most companies give their samples in servings of 2 or more in a sample, which makes for a mess. Also the packets make it easy to pour into my fuelling bottles. No mess = happy runner. The bigger sizes come in a canister packaging which I have not tried yet, so I can’t comment on that.

So all in all, I HIGHLY suggest these electrolytes. If you watch my vlogs you have been seeing me rave about them for weeks. Love love love them.

Also, I have very exciting news. You may see the new edition to my blog on the right hand bar, but I am now an ambassador for Ignite naturals!


I am very honoured to be apart of the team. So far I love the product I have tried, and intend on trying more to review for you guys. I plan on trying out the gels to give you a review on those as well. I will be having a coupon code to get a discount on your order too, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Thanks again to Ignite Naturals to asking me to be apart of the team!


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