San Diego, here I come!

So have you ever gotten a spray tan?

If you didn’t know this,  I…AM…CANADIAN (if you are also Canadian, you should have read that in the same voice that you hear in the Molsen Canadian ads). Therefore, I am white. Like..really white. My stomach NEVER tans. So I decided a spray tan was the way to go…I am not showing photo evidence though. I keep startling myself every time I look in the mirror. I really hope this tones down. I had a shower and it has gotten a bit better but wow. Last time I got a spray tan was when I was a soccer player a few years back and I managed to get white shins since my shin pads managed to take all the tan off. Those things were sure gross after.

Tonight I am off to San Diego to be reunited with the hubster!! It has been about 2 months and I cannot wait. Plus this is a city we both LOVED when we stopped in on our honeymoon last year.


San Diego- summer 2013

I will be bringing a small blender (VERY SMALL) so we can have Shakeology every day we are there. Sets us up for a healthy day! Shakeology always makes me crave healthy meals throughout the day, keeps me full for a while, and I feel energized. Also, it saves us calories and money on breakfast for the week!

I have packed lots of workout clothing and my P90X3. That way I can finish the program off AND get out to workout in the sun.

Guys, I can’t tell you how excited I am to see Matt. This deployment has been hard on me but it is almost over. AH!! I can’t wait!!!

After San Diego, I go to San Francisco for the Rock’n’Roll half marathon. My brothers running it with me and it is his first one! I am so happy to do this with him. I am blessed to have such a strong relationship with my brother. He is my best friend! I can’t wait to run over the Golden Gate with him!!

Anywho, off to finalize my packing (that has been packed for like 2 weeks ;)). The blog posts may be late here and there. Going to do my best to enjoy my time there and relax!



2 thoughts on “San Diego, here I come!

  1. oh girl enjoy, you deserve it!!!!! I finally took the plunge and ordered Turbo Fire last night – can’t wait to incorporate it into my gym routine! I am excited for you that you are seeing Matt!!

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