Reunited with Matt!

I got into San Diego around after midnight and came to the hotel to see my wonderful husband. I can’t tell you guys how hard it has been to keep this deployment under wraps. I was instructed to keep things quiet since it wouldn’t have been smart, living in a smaller city, for me to be public about it…since that would mean I was living alone. Also, I honestly had no idea where my husband was. That is a little weird for me. He is a reservist, so rarely do we see him gone this far away..or even this long! So it was really hard for both Matt and I. SO happy to be reunited with my life partner and best friend.

I came home to an amazingly romantic gesture. I have never had this kind of welcoming before. He had put flower petals throughout the hotel room to guide me to where he had hit little gifts he had picked up for me on his travels.


I beautiful pair of earrings and necklace from Guatemala. Angry Birds key chains (it is a little inside joke with Matt and I). Some of my favourite candies. Wine. Almonds…and then an ipad mini with a completely waterproof case. I cannot believe this guy. He is so amazingly sweet and thoughtful. He knows how much I love taking a hot bath with candles and my ipad.. so he bought me some soap, 3 candles and this waterproof case for the ipad for that reason. This thing is so water proof that I can literally have the ipad in the bath with me. Unbelievable.

We got up late. Had our Shakeology and went out to adventure around a bit. We stumbled across a sushi place, after showing his pictures of the Eatery sushi I had a few weeks ago, he felt we needed sushi. I was agreed.

IMG_4631Doesn’t this look amazing?

IMG_4632He was in heaven. So was I!

We then wandered around Horton Plaza. Love that shopping mall. So many of my favourite stores in there. We didn’t buy anything. Just looked. We did, however, go into the local Jimbo’s for some dinner items. It was similar to a smaller Whole Foods. I noticed they had 3 flavors of Kombucha I had never seen in Canada. I had to. Passionfruit or mango flavored ANYTHING must be tried in my books..

IMG_4635Then, I decided I would do one of my P90X3 workouts so I didn’t have to do 2 on Monday. X3 Yoga it was. Held crow for all of like 5 seconds. Most I have been able to ever do it. So proud of that progress.


This is the final week of p90x3. Can’t believe it!


Now off to explore some more!



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