Burger Lounge- San Diego, California

Gosh. I have been so happy while down here. Matt and I have been spending quality time together. Yesterday I vlogged, so you can check out more of our day on Youtube.  

We found this great burger joint called “Burger Lounge.” All meats were grass fed and organic.  We both were pretty stoked.



We shared the “half & half” which was half fries, half onion rings.

IMG_0012My gosh! this place was AMAZING and the service was amazing too. I had a black passion tea (unsweetened) and it came with free refills. They came up and asked if we wanted refills every so often. It is one of those joints where you go up to order/pay and then take a seat, so really I didn’t expect any refill service from it.

We kept walking about. Did a little shopping and decided to stop in at Ghirardelli. We went here on our honeymoon for a good ol’ fashioned sundae. So we went to get one again. We went with the butterscotch sundae. YUM.

IMG_0013So happy my 21 day fix will be waiting for me at home. After all these indulgences..wow. I will need it. But sooo goood. Do not feel guilty at all about these decisions!



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