La Fiesta- 5th St- San Diego, California

Matt had to leave to get back to ship early. So I was up at around 5:30 and just got some work done once he left. It was rainy but it started clearing up so I decided to lace up for a run about San Diego’s boardwalk. Beautiful area! And look who I saw on the water (may be hard to see). A Canadian ship! I stood there staring, taking pictures, smiling like a goof for like 5 minutes. I missed him from the minute he left, so this was kind of cool to see them out on the water.


It is funny to see a lot of people wearing longer sleeves as they run. Then I am running around in a tank. It was far warmer than I expected it to be. But I am also the human furnace.

I ran for about 8.3 km. I ran 2 sets of stairs. The stairs at the convention centre are UNBELIEVABLE. Like stairs for dayz..all over the building. I came back to the hotel to shower up and get presentable. Then went to Horton Plaza to look around. I met up with Maddie, since she was here until Thursday. We grabbed some grub at La Fiesta on 5th St. Matt and I went here on our honeymoon and loved it.

I went with the steak burrito.

20140403-072553.jpgOh baby. I love me some refried beans too!

Then for dessert, Maddie told me about this one….deep fried ice cream. Oh baby. I had never had it before!

20140403-072559.jpgSo freaking good! I was happy Maddie was there. It was nice to spend some time with her, grab some amazing food and window shop. I was really low on energy, probably from the early wake up call. So I wasn’t in a huge shopping mood. Plus I was thinking of hitting the outlets Thursday so I didn’t want to buy stuff just to get there and be like “dang, it is way cheaper here.”

When Maddie and I parted, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few snacks for my dinner later at the hotel. I also got my hands on another Kombucha flavor. The bottle was black! never seen that. So good.


I had a very relaxing night in. Watched Netflix and what not. I know. Look at this party animal right? Well I wanted to plan out my plan of attack for the next few days. So I did that :).



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