Off to the San Diego Zoo!


Yesterday was an unscheduled rest day.. kind of. If you have ever gone to the San Diego zoo, you know it can be a lot of walking. A lot.

We met up with Maddie and Mike at Brian’s 24. A really great restaurant (24 hours I believe) on 6th Ave between E and F st. Wow. That was an amazing breakfast. I went with the Bacon Avocado Omelet with a side of sourdough toast. Mmm.20140402-124923.jpg

We got to the zoo around 10:30 am. Perfect really. It was kind of rainy and we figured it would be less busy around this time. We were right. We saw many cute animals and walked a ton.




I found a lot of the animals looked sad. Rightfully so. Seeing Blackfish the documentary really opened my eyes. Of course you think about these things. You know. Captivity and all. But sometimes you try and block it from your mind.


It was a great day with our friends though.. also took this rad photo.


We stopped at Jimbo’s on the way home. We wanted an easy night in since Matt was off to sail again the next morning. We had some warm buffet style food from the market, with some other snacks. We watched some trashy TV and just spent time together. The last few days in San Diego with my guy has been absolutely amazing and just what I needed. I love traveling with him. Plus he was a total romantic the whole time we were here. Love that about him.


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