Adventure to the outlets

Finished of P90X3 this morning! Did some Pilates X. It wasn’t the best workout since I was so sleepy and pilates on a hotel room floor isn’t the best. I missed my yoga mat that is for sure. Then I got all ready for my trek to go shoppin’!

Look at me. Adventurer! I decided to trek out to the Las Americas Premium Outlets. When I looked out these outlets, I noticed they were SUPER close to Tijuana. Which I was like “Wow this seems far away.” My friends Maddie and Mike went the other day so they confirmed how I get out there. They said it was totally worth it so I decided to go. Why not. I took the MTS Trolly-blue line and got there okay. Though my anxiety was high.


It seriously was like 400 meters until the border. It was kinda cool to see.

IMG_4724The outlets were pretty dead. I did go during the work day so I assumed that was why. I spent like 2 hours there. It was an hour each way on the trolly. Nike, Under Armor, Reebok, and more.

Then when I got into town I decided to walk about Horton Plaza and texted with my girl Gabe. It was like she was shopping with me ;). I wish! Then I saw this shirt. Thought it was awesome. No I didn’t buy it.


Then I decided to pick up some sushi. I went to the place Matt and I went to when he was here. It was a lot.. but so worth it. So good.

IMG_4733So I watched trashy TLC TV, ate and looked at my new purchases. Are you surprised? I bought pretty much only workout apparel.

IMG_4732The Under Armor capris were 2 for $60 and they are my favourites. I have them in neon yellow. The shorts were originally 50 for 15. So I had to obviously. The red had to be done so I can be SUPER matchy in my red Nike air max.

I have a problem.



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