No gym membership? no problem!

Started my morning with a run, even though I really didn’t feel GREAT. I have had a LOT of indulgences this week. As much as I don’t feel guilty about them.. I do feel my stomach is angry with me.


I forced myself out for a run. But not just a run. I REALLY wanted to do a stair workout so that is what I did. The convention centre in San Diego has stairs ALL over the building. Very easy for me to be creative. THIS is what I mean when I say you can’t whine about not having a gym membership or not being able to afford a program. You can really workout ANYWHERE…and before my East coasters go “Well Jenn..what about the 5 thousand feet of snow outside my window?” You can still do a LOT in a small space inside your house. If you want to be active, you will find a way. Same thing with finding a healthier lifestyle for yourself. If you want it, you will find the means to do so.

IMG_4742I really wanted to run around the boardwalk and convention centre since I moved hotels and wasn’t going to be close to these places. Also, a fun board I saw in a shop window. Matt? did you call San Diego to tell me I can buy anything I want ;).

It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL workout. GORGEOUS weather and temperature. Sweaty as ever..and heart happy as ever. I am so blessed.

We stayed in The Declan Suites, if you were wondering. We bought it on Groupon and it was a good deal. Also a good part of town. It was in the middle of renovations but nothing that disturbed us!

I cabbed over to my next place and saw there was an In-n-Out burger by my place. I had to. The burger gods were calling me!! Matt and I LOVED this stuff on our honeymoon.

IMG_4744Oh and yes. I am aware my blog hasn’t looked like a total fitness/run blog lately with all these indulgences. But I am not feeling too bad about it (my stomach would differ). I rather be upfront and show you than make out like I am little miss perfect on vacation. Because I am far from there. I just make sure I stay active and drink my Shakeology. Which I have been doing.

As much as I haven’t been motivated to workout, I have done some. Wish I ran more but that is okay. I did do a lot of this.


Ok, you caught me. I didn’t even horizontal run. *sigh* Still got my workouts done. I run the San Francisco half marathon with my brother on Sunday.. do you think they will still give me a medal if I horizontal run? yes? maybe? okay probs not.


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