Transamerica Rock’n’Roll half marathon San Francisco recap

Well hello!

I took a few days off because..well.. San Francisco wore me out AND my hubby Matt is back from deployment. So I wanted to really rest for the last few days before I start working again. But here we are! So let us recap the Rock’n’roll San Francisco half marathon!!

So wake up was at 3:45. Josh and I had a LOVELY time hanging out with Liv and her guy the night before. I have messaged with Liv for years so it was nice to finally give her a big hug and meet in person. Plus we clicked just as much in person as we do via message. Always a plus! Josh and I could not fall asleep. We stayed in the Powell Hotel which has an AWESOME location..however since it is fairly old it was VERY loud. I would estimate between 2-3 hours of sleep IF that. probably less really. So waking up before 4 was brutal.

This was my racing kit. I wore my Diamond Council Beachbody tank, mint and black UA crops, Brooks arm warmers, fuel belt, Mizuno Waverider 17s.



We left to find the shuttle at 5:15. I had a dream (somehow with the small sleep I had) that Josh and I witnessed a crime. Like a to say the least I wasn’t excited to walk in the dark that morning. Creepy! But a lot of other runners were walking towards the shuttles to. So it really worked out! We got to the starting area over an hour early. Josh may not have been as enthused but it was better than being late.

20140409-082158.jpgI was so happy to be doing this with my big brother. He is 6 years older than me and he has come a long way in his journey. He has lost weight and then fell in love with Yoga and running. I feel our running has really brought us closer together. I am blessed to have a brother that I get along with so well. I know that isn’t always the case! This was his FIRST half. He never thought he would run a half marathon, since the idea never seemed that exciting. But when I explained this race went over the Golden Gate he was locked in.

The race started at 6:30 am. Which was tough, but at the same time we were done before 9:30. Pretty awesome really. Best way to go about it if you are doing this race as a tourist. Gives you all day to explore!

We decided to make the plan that once we finished the Golden Gate we would assess if we want to split up.


I am not usually one to race side by side with people because I am not super consistent. I often negative split my races and I will play games to keep myself motivated (eg: pick people off and catch up to them). But we decided in the end to do it together the entire way. We took our time taking photos and enjoying the scenery.


One thing I will say that was very disappointing…there were VERY little bands. ALL the bands were during the last 3 miles of the race. Everything before that were performance artists. Which is great..if this was the circus half marathon..not the Rock n Roll half marathon. They really need to have bands towards the starts.

As for the elevation on this course, this is what it looked like:

course-elevation-graph3Though it looked horrible, when we were doing it..wasn’t so bad! When I train, I put myself through some horrible hilly situations. My thought process behind that? well, you don’t have control of the course on race day! You also don’t know how tired you will be on these hills. So that is why I often will run big honkin’ hills around 19 miles in. You NEVER know. Prepare for the worst!

As we got closer to the finish line, the spectator crowds grew. This is my favourite part of racing. I love seeing community come together and cheer for “random strangers.” However, can I preface this by saying it is UNFAIR to say “THAT WAS YOUR LAST HILL..DOWN HILL ALL THE WAY FROM HERE” and then I go to turn a corner and see a hill? talk about getting my hopes up. I don’t care if you meant “down hill all the way” in a figurative form. I am running a flippin’ race here! Josh and I picked up pace for the final mile and the last 400 meters we were running at a super fast clip. We finished within seconds of each other. I was SO proud of him. Also considering we took our time taking photos, going to the bathroom here and there, and having little sleep? this time wasn’t so bad right?

20140409-082306.jpgWe finished with this beauty:

20140409-082256.jpgThese races always have the heaviest medals for the size that they are! But always very pretty. My Seattle RnR is one of my faves too!

After these series they often have a headliner bands. The Neighborhood came out and played! I honestly LOVE their music. So it was awesome to watch after. Josh is a big fan too.

20140409-082330.jpgWe picked up lots of freebees at the finish line. Pistachios, popcorn, ear buds, heating/ice packs (reusable), Gaterade etc. They also allow for a free beer.. but at 9:30 in the morning? ya it didn’t appeal to us. We went back to the hotel to shower up, catch a cable care and grab some grub!

Over all? I would totally do another race in San Francisco again HANDS DOWN. I want to actually. I don’t think I would do this race again. Mainly because I find the RnR series get a lot of hype sometimes. Some of the locations are awesome, but this one seemed like they didn’t have the band situation planned out and the fact that they closed the expo at 5 pm (EARLY in my opinion) kind of threw me off. For out of town people, 5 is early. I could see MAYBE 7 pm. But I understand there is a lot of set up and take down necessary.

I also vlogged the entire day so you can check that out on my Youtube channel!

Anywho, I wanted to announce that I am starting the 21 day fix and will be blogging and vlogging for those 21 days. To give you an idea of what I will be eating/results that come from it. I AM doing this along marathon training, so this could be interesting. But I have calculated according to my physical activity. I AM SO excited to start this journey and share it with you all! I have a 21 day fix group coming up each month so if you see that this is something that could interest you, let me know!


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