21 Day Fix- Day 7 & week ONE results

So the moment I am sure most have been waiting for. How much did I lose? since I find it a bit TOO over the top to show side by side progress shots of one week..I am not doing that. Also, I am too lazy to measure myself everywhere for one week progress. So I am saving those for the end of week 3. But I will be weighing myself. What did I lose? 5.7 LBS!! VERY happy about this. I am SO impressed with the program. I never feel like binging. I never feel lethargic. I never feel starving. Say whaaaat? Yes. I am telling you it is possible to eat LOTS of food.. and still lose weight.

So on day 7, I ran a speed run for 7.11 km. I also did the total body cardio fix workout.

I then had my Shakeology which I forgot to take a photo of. But I have decided that I cannot do my chocolate shakeology without almond milk. Really, I don’t see it changing my results that much. I use less than a cup when I make it anyway since I love my chocolate shakeology thick like a milkshake or even like a pudding!

Pre-workout meal (after my run but before my fix workout)

chocolate vegan shakeology, Banana, Spinach,flax,  2 tsp peanut butter and almond milk


beef, 2 poached eggs, quinoa, orange, mushroom and onions, coconut oil




This threw me for a loop for some reason. We didn’t plan on going out so I was a bit put off but made the best choice I could. I asked for my dressing on the side and asked for no cheese on it. Didn’t realize it came with bread but I didn’t mind. I knew I needed a yellow container, so I treated myself to that. Yes it was delicious and warm. I counted the dressing as an extra orange which would put me over on my orange containers. I didn’t use that entire serving of it but that is how I counted it. It was an apple miso vinaigrette. I probably could have asked for balsamic vinegar to stay on things, but that option escaped me. Oh well. It was delish.

grilled chicken, cabbage/lettuce mixture, bread, dressing


blackberries, black frozen cherries, hard boiled egg (had two but only could finish one)

No picture. Sorry! Bad blogger.

But I have a picture of tea! I went for tea with my good friend Brandon and had my favourite tea! organic the skinny! nom!



beef (need to cut back on the beef! we just had a lot left over..its gone now though!), tomato, peppers, mozzarella, quinoa, balsamic vinegar on the tomato and cheese.



4 thoughts on “21 Day Fix- Day 7 & week ONE results

  1. Can you comment on why you are pleased to lose that weight and what your goals are? How do you know if that goal is healthy or done too quickly? I had the impression that your healthy behaviours were to maintain and not to lose.

    • Hey Jen!

      I believe I talked about this in a past blog or video, but I could be wrong. Anyway, after working with a coach, the lifestyle triggered my disordered eating (binge eating disorder). I managed to put on about 25-30 lbs. So at the moment, yes my goal is to lose weight :). But I am not stressing about it. Just doing what I can and doing my best to be patient with it. I don’t have a goal weight in mind. Just want to do what I can to improve my training and my recovery from that training :).

      Also, the first week is normal for a larger loss. Especially since I had been on vacation the week prior and wasn’t eating the healthiest of foods ;). So I was retaining some water. I don’t expect huge losses like this every week. This program is very healthy. I am eating over 2000 calories a day. No starvation here :). So yes 🙂

      Hope that makes sense! Have an awesome day :).

      • Ahh, thanks for your reply. I read your blog daily but I can’t get away with watching videos in class, so I haven’t ever seen any. Missed that part of the story.
        From photos, you look a very healthy weight and so 6 lbs a week made me concerned.
        Also, those containers look handy for portioning.

      • Oh course! I mentioned in a long time back (like end of 2012 probably) so it is no biggie. I am not at a weight I like training at. I just feel a lot more aching on my limbs that I did when I was 25 lbs lighter. Thanks for commenting though :). 6 lbs is a large loss so I can understand your concern. It most likely won’t be anything like that for the upcoming weeks! :). The containers are super handy. They have been a real eye opener to seeing how my portions have gotten bigger over the years!

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