21 Day Fix – Day 10

So now we put myself to the test! this weekend we go back to Vancouver to visit my family and celebrate Easter. I find when I am tired, eating properly can be tough. This day, was one of those days. But all things considered, I think I did alright! We were up early to meet my good friend Gabe to drive onto the ferry. It was good having company and her awesome kitty was being adorable the entire ride.  *picture a kitty sitting on the dashboard while we were parked on the ferry*

Another struggle with days like this? I don’t finish my workouts when I am tired. SO, I made sure to put it on Facebook that I would be doing those workouts to stay accountable AND texted my brother to make a run date. ACCOUNTABILITY is one of the most important things for my own success.


shakeology, spinach, flax, banana, 2 tsp PB


onion and peppers, quinoa and black beans

Confession.. I didn’t eat that salmon/chicken for my red. I was too full for it after the huge vat of quinoa/beans/veg. Then I didn’t want it at all sooo…

IMG_0489I had this..


honey (2 tsp), greek yogurt



Run with my brother and the cardio fix DVD



2 poached eggs, guacamole, slice of Ezekiel toast, broccoli


Then we went out for dinner to a place we had never tried. It always smells AMAZING when I am running up that hill in Kitsalino so we wanted to try! It is called Chewies (on 1st ave in Kits). Louisianan inspired food. Never had it before so it was a new experience!


my dad and I shared oysters.


I know! Bad lighting. Sorry!

But I have always wanted to try gumbo. So here it was, I tried it! It was SPICY but the perfect kind of spice for me.

chicken, sausage, and shrimp. Lots of peppers, onion and other veggies, rice.

I am sure I ate over my containers, but man. It was good AND I burned a lot more cals today than I had planned. So I didn’t feel too bad. So delicious! I definitely would come back here. Matt had the fried chicken and it was SO good. I took a bite to try it out. The Jambalaya my dad had was delish too!



I was nervous about going out but honestly, I am documenting this on my blog and Youtube for a reason. I want to show you guys this isn’t restrictive. If I want to go out and have a meal with family.. I can. LIFESTYLE. This is what it is. I am not here to do the 21 days completely clean without indulging (that is just a recipe for binging with my past).

In the past I have barred myself from social situations just because of wanting to get to my goals. But that isn’t how I want to live anymore. (Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be the first to sign up for all the pub and club crawls haha!) I am no longer going to stress out like crazy about going up to a restaurant for a meal with friends. I want to enjoy life and still live healthy.


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