21 Day Fix- Day 12

Another Sunday Runday, y’all! 23 km was on the schedule but things went a little longer. I picked up my brother on the run and we ran around False Creek up to English Bay. It was beautiful. LOVE seeing all the running groups on Sunday morning running together, but boy it makes me miss running together with friends. So glad I get to run with my brother :). It has really brought our friendship and brother/sister relationship closer.

Since it was a long run day, I bumped up to the next bracket of calories.


oats, banana, greek yogurt, Peanut butter (2 tsp), honey (2 tsp)




Then had to RUSH to get ready and go to church so I do not have a picture of my next meal BUT I had:


orange ..then I made my Shakeology, banana, 2 tsp PB and almond milk


flax, Ezekiel toast, mushrooms, berries, cheese, eggs



vegan gluten free cocoa cookie from Tractor (on 4th ave in Vancouver)…i know it looks like poop. I promise it tasted better than it looks.

IMG_0539Easter Dinner:

2 servings of green beans, salmond, prime rib, mashed potato

I did forget to take a photo.. hence why it looks half eaten. heh heh heh



I will admit. I totally treated myself more than I had planned but I didn’t go over board. I had some baklava. My cousin’s husbands family is from Turkey and omg. Best baklava ever. Also had shortbread cookies and this beauty.

IMG_4972It was delicious. I was feeling a smidge bad at first, but I realize that again.. this is a lifestyle. So back at it! Nothing to get crazy about and exercise/restrict like crazy! Just eat healthy whole foods in healthy amounts!






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