So what next?

First two races of the year are in the books. Transamerica Rock and Roll San Francisco half marathon and the BMO Vancouver full marathon.

I just updated my Running tab here on my blog and while typing in the year and finish time it made me realize..holy. I really haven’t run a marathon since the end of 2012. Well, duh, Jenn. But really. That sounds like such a long time ago. I will admit, after my finish on Sunday.. I wasn’t proud right off the bat. I was in pain. I was emotional. I was miserable from running in the pouring rain and wind. But then it kicked in.. I ran a freakin’ marathon. That feeling of being able to carry your body for 26.2 miles? that will never get old for me. The human form really is amazing when you think of it.

So what now? what next?

I have racing fever. I already signed up for my next half. YUP! Oak Bay Half Marathon! I ran this one before and it is a beautiful course. Thought, why not. I also have invited my brother out to run it with me and it looks like he is on board :). Here is hoping mother nature is a bit more on our side this time!

What else? I think I got a full dose of crazy in me.

I was talking to the lovely Solana about her experience with trail running and ultras… and it made me think…”should I embark on a new kind of running?” I always thought I would do at least one ultra. The 50k distance seems doable at this point. I want to get more into trail running. It is something that makes me a little uneasy being a predominantly road only runner. But it also makes me excited to see what this body can do. I love being in the outdoors. I love being in the trails. I don’t mind getting a little muddy. So why not? So guys, I haven’t 100% decided yet. But this is what I am contemplating. The Baker Lake 50 k in Washington state…in October. I will keep you up to date with what I decide. I hope to have made my decision in the next month or so.

So that is that for now! I am winding down from my morning run now. I felt good considering I ran a marathon a few days ago. I have an RMT sports massage appointment in a few hours to work out the knots in my body.

For my running readers..

QUESTION OF THE DAY!  have you ever run an ultra? if so, what distance?
if not, would you consider running one?


3 thoughts on “So what next?

  1. Can’t imagine running an ultra at this point, but am considering a half in October. Maybe after I’ve done a couple marathons I’ll think about going bigger:)

    • Ah! That is amazing! I never thought an Ultra was in the books for me.. but I guess the craziness of my running friends has rubbed off on me haha! Something is calling me to it so I may just have to go for it whether it is this October or in may 2015!

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