It is almost move in time!

Sorry for the silence lately. It feels like I have just needed a bit of a break from my Youtube and blogging for a week or so. We have a lot going on lately!

Matt and I are in the midst of selling furniture, packing and planning for our future. We are moving into a condo we put money down on.. err.. 2.5 years ago? something like that. It is FINALLY ready enough for us to move in in the next month or so. You KNOW we are excited.


This is our first home that is OURS. Something really special about that. We have a few big career and life goals and plans for the next few years (no don’t get to excited.. we aren’t popping out mini Jenn’s or Matt’s any time soon). So everything is just so exciting..

SIDE NOTE: Why do people get so weirded out when my answer to “how do you like married life” is “I LOVE IT!” Is it really that weird? maybe next time someone asks I will say “ugh it is the WORST.. I hate it” just to change things up and see their reaction. HA. Kidding, probably don’t have the ovaries to do that (what.. I am making that saying sex appropriate..).

While organizing last night I came across my medals and race bibs.


I cannot wait to have a space for these to be displayed. If you remember in my older place, I had them hung up on my medal hanger. I still have that medal hanger, and I hope to put it up somewhere. As silly as this may be to some, these hunks of medal represent a lot for me. They bring me a lot of inspiration, motivation, happiness and nostalgia. I can remember most of these races really well. The emotions filling my body. The pain in my body. The feeling of accomplishment as I finished the race.. or at least the huge relief of “Thank GOSH that is over with” for my not-so-great races. They mean a lot to me. Yes, I keep all my race bibs on a ring as well. Did I tell you I am a pack rat? well.. I am.

In other news…

I am a few days into round 2 of the fix. Gotta say my  marathon hungries are SLOWLY getting better. But the last two days I did want to eat my arm off, so there is that. I will definitely share with you my results once we are closer to the end. I am doing my best to work hard on this round! Also, I have been running to keep my body ready to take on the Oak Bay half marathon on May 25th. I am aiming for under 2 hours, but we will see! Haven’t raced that distance in a WHILE. My brother is planning to come over for the race too since he wanted to run the BMO one, but didn’t get in to register in time (Plus that registration was CRAZY expensive).

Well, that is everything. Wanted to give a little check in since I have been pretty quiet on the blogisphere lately. I have done a few posts but I am not as consistent as I would like to be. However, I am not doing anything exciting. Unless you think putting furniture up for sale and packing is exciting. If you do, you should really come over and help me out! 😉



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