Reassessing the plan (21 day fix round 2)

So this week we started the 21 day fix group for the month of May. Everyone is kicking major BUTT. So proud of everyone!

However, for my second round, I was feeling..restricted. What? I really didn’t get it. I was feeling miserable with my food choices, I was craving “food” (aka junk)  and I was so hungry I wanted to eat off my arm. I know coming off the marathon training, it can be that way for me. But I don’t believe you should feel STARVING when trying to make healthier choices. So I reassessed what I was doing. Instead of using a lower bracket, I have bumped myself up. After doing that.. *angelic choir singing* I feel SO much better!!!! Less cranky. Less tired. Less starving. Clearly I wasn’t fueling my body enough on that bracket. I am still running quite a bit, so I need to remember that.

I found myself getting caught up in the diet mentality. If you have read the book I recommend to no end (Intuitive Eating) then you know what I am talking about. I started second guessing this reassessment of caloric intake because…less is better for weight loss right? *Face palm* NO. MORE nutrient dense foods in proper portions with activity will help with that. I still struggle with a lot of my disordered eating from time to time. I definitely felt on the edge of triggering my B.E.D. all again this week. Hence why I made this decision to up my bracket. I think it was a good decision on my part.

Slow, sustainable weight loss overtime is best in my situation (and for majority of people). I haven’t talked too much about my goals in terms of weight loss, but that is my goal for this summer. After last year, my B.E.D was triggered from working with the coach and things spiraled out for me. Long story short, I am about 20-30 lbs heavier than my ideal weight.

Now before I get comments on “You don’t have that much to lose” “could be muscle” or  “you look fine” know that this is not to fit into a certain size or be a number on the scale (though I realize that sounds contradictory since I just mentioned how much away from an ideal weight I am..). I want to FEEL a certain way again. I just know this isn’t ALL muscle gain. (Case in point.. Boobs..ya those aren’t muscle. My boobs are bigger…moving on).  Also, muscle isn’t that easy and quick to gain in some cases.

Anyway, I want to do what I can to get my body to a place where it can preform like it did in 2012. That last marathon in 2012..I was on my GAME. I wanna feel that strong and fit again. Don’t get me wrong, I feel great now. But I know I have a great potential to work with here. So I will not be weighing in every week with you guys. I am just letting you know it is something I am working on to better my training. I have a big goal of qualifying for Boston before I am 30.. and you know what? I will do that. But you also wanna know what? I have to qualify with a 3:35 finish. HOLY CATS. Yeah. So if I can get down a few lbs, that will definitely help. I also plan on strengthening my body too, so with that will come muscle gain. I want to get away from that focus with the scale as much as I can. I just want to feel changes in my body that I know will give me results on the road with my training.

Hope that made sense. I feel like I am just blurting out random things at this point. Just wanted to give you a little insight into me and my goals :).




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