Oak Bay Half Marathon Recap

Yesterday was the Oak Bay half marathon. My brother came over to run the event with me, and we were both pleased to see it was looking dry. It stayed overcast the entire time, with the exception of a few mini drops of rain. It was perfect temperature really! My lovely neighbor and really good friend Gabe dropped us off and saw us off at the start.



So I will say it took my body about 5 km to wake up and be like “okay we are doing this.” Then what happens? if you have me on your Facebook or Twitter you know. I GOT HIT BY A GOLF BALL. Well that is a first. Lucky for me it was just my thigh and nothing more serious. I kept thinking about it as “well at least no one got seriously injured” but HOLY OW. So every step I took, ever jiggle of my butt…it stung. You are welcome for that visual by the way.  I was going to show you guys a picture of this beautiful blue, purple and green masterpiece on my thigh.. but I know it can be a bit graphic so I will refrain.

Around 14 km I finally got my head back in the game. I never stopped running, though I did tear up a little. Just choked back the tears and did my best to keep going. Sure it stung but it couldn’t have been that bad.

The course was great but I feel like it is different from the last time I ran it. It was an out and back course and I don’t remember it being that way before. But that could be my memory failing me. It still finished up the big hill on Newport turning onto Oak Bay.

At 18 km Josh and I were feeling pretty good, but Josh felt like he wanted to slow down a bit. We have an understanding that if one of us is feeling good to let the other go ahead. Just make sure there is a meeting place in place. I went ahead at 19 km and started picking up. I don’t know how it happened but I was managing sub 5 minute kms for the last few kms.. until the big hill. Either way, I finished at 2:07:11. Considering it all, I don’t feel too bad about it. My head wasn’t 100% into it the entire time after all.


Now for the unhealthy stuff.. I was STARVING after the race. Mainly because I woke up with no desire to have breakfast so I just decided to force a Shakeology down. Best option in this kind of situation if you ask me. So we bussed back home and showered up to go out for Brunch. We decided to try out a place that a lot of my friends in Victoria LOVE. Floyd’s Diner.


Prepare yourself for unhealthy food pics from this point on.. I was not balanced with my eating whatsoever haha!

Both Josh and I were overwhelmed with all the choices. We both were stuck between two choices and decided to order those options and do a little switch-a-roo part way through. So what did we go with? a Canadian favourite, Poutine…and some french toast.. LOOK HOW BIG THE SERVINGS ARE (that looks like an entire loaf of bread for the french toast). We did not finish if you were wondering.


IMG_5258Oy! it was a bit ridiculous. We actually did not eat until dinner because it was just too much.. then we got piggy with it again.

Matt came home and we decided to go to one of my favourite places, the Flying Otter. We took advantage of the beer and wings special.. and I so did not finish my dinner because of it. Oh well.



And then they rolled this piggy wee wee wee all the way home. Oy. Wanted to show you guys the good, the bad, and the ugly! Sometimes stuff like this happens. As much as part of me feels guilty, I need to move on and know this isn’t a normal thing. I do not do this on the regular. Time to pick up, brush off and move on! I sure am paying for it now. My body isn’t too pleased with me!


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