How to get yourself out of a funk

Do you ever have those days, weeks… or even months where you just feel like you are static? you are not changing. You are not getting out of your comfort zone. Just.. nothing is happening?

That has been me for the last little while. Sure I have been working out but I haven’t been fueling the way I could be. I haven’t been challenging myself with my work. In fact, I have SLACKED with my work. I apologize if I haven’t been quick to replying with you if you have been contacting me for coaching or training. I have been an anxious mess to be honest. I haven’t felt like me. Meaning.. though I am a planning ADDICT. I write EVERYTHING down. Yet, I have managed to let things slip through the cracks. I have overwhelmed myself with a TON of things to do that I feel paralyzed and I don’t get things done. Hate that.

I don’t like not knowing what our move in date is. I don’t like that I have been comparing myself to others. I don’t like that I have allowed myself to slip into a negative slump. Not cool, man. So now what? CHANGE. That is what.

Before bed last night I wrote this on my “desk” (the quotes are because my desk is currently a whiteboard over top of some plastic storage bins..):


Drink water

Be grateful (name 2 things)


Sweat it out

Sometimes, we need to slow down in order to speed up. I have said this before. I always seem to forget. It is okay to be human. It is okay to sit back and think “what needs change here.” Reflection is what helps us grow. So I woke up, took some breaths, had 32 ounces of water, thought about the amazing people I have in my life that I am grateful for, smiled, and got my sweat on.


Cardio and Plyo fix because I felt I needed a good long HARD sweat session. Man I felt ROUGH during it. Always the case after eating poorly for an extended period of time. But after? BOY did I feel good. As they say, no one regret a workout!

Tomorrow Matt and I will be off on a roadtrip. We had some free night stays at some hotels and we felt we needed some one on one time to reconnect. Love some husby and wifey time.( Ew. Yes I just said that. Ew. Sorry. So very sorry.)

Cannot wait to show you all snippets of our trip! ❀ I am also getting Piyo certified while we are down there because.. well…we are just gonna be in that area at that time and..why not? Don’t know what Piyo is? here is a bit of a look into it.


Oh and last but not least.. I wanna show you an update on my sweet golf-ball-induced-bruise because I am a classy broad like that. I know I said I wasn’t going to do this.. but this is just too awesome..err..okay maybe a bit gross too.

IMG_1918That was taken yesterday.. it is a bit different looking today but hey, it will heal up. πŸ˜‰ But seriously? who ever thought I would get nailed by a golf ball on a race? At the time it sucked and hurt SO bad..but now it is kinda funny in a “what the..” kinda way. Anywho, I am done here. BYEEEEEE!


6 thoughts on “How to get yourself out of a funk

  1. I know a thing or two (or 22) about being in a funk! It’s hard to not be in one sometimes, I love what you wrote for yourself. That is one crazy ass bruise, lady!

  2. Life is full of ups and downs. You’re still dealing with lots of changes, sorting out career and a house and a new marriage! I have dealt with mental funks for years. These days I often wake up in one. Getting to the park or gym helps to snap out of it. And that is one HUGE bruise! Looks like they hit you with a bowling ball! It’s a good thing it didn’t hit your head. Kind of scary. — Bert

    • Ah yes! I find being in nature helps A LOT. I went on a hike with some girlfriends this past weekend and it helped me a lot to be with two amazing women in an absolutely beautiful trail!

      Ya it could have been a lot worse. I did email the race coordinators just to let them know about the incident. I know it wasn’t in anyones power.. just wish they could have delayed morning tee off times until like 9 or 10 am when runners were not going through there.. but then again it was something that was not very likely to happen I guess!

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