Port Angeles, WA- Day 1 of the road trip!

As I mentioned, we are on a road trip! I seriously love being on the road with Matt. We travel very well together. So we took the Coho Blackball ferry over to Port Angeles, WA first thing yesterday morning. That was a new experience that I enjoyed. Quick and easy.. and fairly comfortable.

We were STARVING after. Since we didn’t have much in our fridge before we left, my breakfast was Greek yogurt, sweetened with honey and some berries..but I forgot to bring a snack. So we were both starved. We stopped at this little hole in the wall along the drive and we both thought “well we are hungry, I doubt this will be great.” But, as it always turns out with places like this, IT WAS AMAZING. Mind you, I am super okay with Mexican food most times anyway. Nom.



Burrito El Puerto and a margarita on the rocks.

We checked into our place. We stayed in Port Angeles, WA so we didn’t have to drive the first part of the drive and get there in the evening. We settled in, I did a little bit of work and then we set off for a nice little walk around town. Port Angeles is beautiful! Something about it reminds me of one of the small towns up in the interior of BC (minus the ocean).

We came back after looking around a few antique shops for fun, and I decided I would lace up for a workout. Little bit of running, stair climbing and a couple tabatas for some strength. ( I plan on recording some things for you guys over on my Youtube channel. When I started my journey, stuff like this was what made me successful with my weight loss. You really don’t need a gym pass if you don’t want to! ) I did about 30 minutes total. Just what you need really! Then went back to clean up a little. We hit up the grocery store for some road snacks. Healthier choices! This is what we came out with:

  • strawberries
  • baby sweet peppers (my choice.. oh yum!)
  • baby carrots (Matt’s choice. Fun fact, raw carrots give me bad tummy aches!)
  • tortilla wraps
  • cheese
  • hot sauce
  • a rotisserie chicken
  • hummus
  • kombucha¬† (for me since I don’t think Matt enjoys it much)
  • and mama chia (also for me)

My goal is to keep active while away and to make good healthy choices but still allow myself to indulge. CLEARLY. As you will see from my food choices here. Hello burrito… wait til you see dinner. MY GOSH, it was marvelous!

I checked two of my favourite apps to use when looking for places to eat.. Yelp and Around Me. We decided to check out “Next Door Gastropub.”


I mean, they had a “build your own fries” and “build your own mac and cheese” section on their menu. How does one not get tempted by something like that? Well.. maybe if you aren’t a cheese or fries person.. but I am both of those things. We ordered some Local beef from Tacoma, WA, and got our burgers and fries. They had so many interesting options for burgers. Some included coffee rubs on the meat, some had peanut butter in them..some had jam in them. Craziness. Matt and I, being not so adventurous, went with the “black and bleu” burgers. You guessed it. Bleu cheese and bacon. I went with garlic Parmesan fries since that just sounds unbelievable in my books. Matt is a yam fries kinda guy.



Yes it was just as amazing as how it looks.

They have a marathon coming through this little cute town on Sunday. Kinda wish I had known, but eh.. there is always next time! I have Piyo to get to instead!

Question of the day: What are some of your favourite road tripping snacks?



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