Seaside, OR – Day two of the road trip

We left Port Angeles, WA yesterday morning and hit this beautiful scenic drive for about 5.5 hours. We stocked up on some healthy yummy road snacks as I mentioned yesterday. It was perfect!

20140530-100943-36583278.jpgI tried out this for the first time. If you aren’t a fan of chia or you are bothered by textures.. this may not be your thing. But I enjoyed it!

20140530-100943-36583601.jpgThe yummiest strawberries!

Then we found this amazing hummus. Spinach and artichoke NOM!!! we had baby carrots and baby sweet peppers with it.


The beautiful shores, fresh air, and gorgeous lush greenery.. ah! this was absolutely breathtaking.

20140530-100944-36584172.jpgWe stopped in Astoria, Or for a little potty break.


Then it was only another half hour or so until we got to Seaside..which, little did I know, HAD OUTLETS. Not so great outlets but they had the one store that matters most to this girl. Nike!! Came out with this little sassy number.

IMG_1993I almost went uber matchy with just a plain orange and blue singlet.. but I loved the cut of this one. Don’t get me wrong. LOVE me some uber matchy running outfits. After shopping, we grabbed some grub. Yes, another burger and fries joint. I am indulging way more than expected just doing my best to not binge. I will get more on it with my fix when I get home that is for sure!

IMG_1990It was pretty good. It was rated 5/5 stars on Yelp. I gotta say that the fries were not as good as the night before. Some were cold.. but eh it was okay. We then went for a walk to the beach. Also, grabbed some good ol’ ice cream goodness. You know you are a Canadian when you are walking in a super windy cold place in shorts and ice cream in hand.. right? We had some looks since it was SUPER windy and cold. But it was unbelievable the views. YOU KNOW I was planning a beach run the next morning.


You know I channeled my inner 5 year old and ate my ice cream on the swings with Matt.



Then we headed to the hotel. This place is amazing. Can I live here? Please?!


2 thoughts on “Seaside, OR – Day two of the road trip

  1. I’ve been to that beach! Love the Oregon Coast:) You’ve probably heard this from everyone, but Mo’s restaurant is sooo good! They are all along the coast I think. Definitely an indulgence but I remember their clam chowder being amazing.

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