Cannon Beach, OR- Day three of the road trip

So since we leave this hotel today, I figured I would tell you where we stayed since we would highly recommend it. We stayed at the Seaside Holiday Inn. The service was amazing and the rooms were perfect. Nothing better than a super comfy king size bed after having a night in a super uncomfortable motel. SLEPT LIKE A BABY. Also, can’t complain with complimentary breakfast ;)!

I rolled out of bed around 7:30 and got out for a run. I ran along the “Prom” and then looped out onto the beach to get back. It was windy but absolutely perfect. It is just too pretty here!


Ended up going for a 5 km. I have been aiming to be active for 30 minutes a day. I was short by a little bit. Boohoo (sarcasm). IMG_2029

We adventured out to Cannon Beach (as the title suggests). I have seen pictures and was excited to experience it with Matt! The drive was maybe 20 minutes and totally worth it.

IMG_1994Matt and I just love thinking about this kinda thing. Ready yourself, it is probably nerdy. But think about how those rocks formed? (What I warned you it was nerdy!) Pretty neato.

IMG_1995 Behold my smurf..err..I mean husband…and his beloved blue hoodie šŸ™‚

IMG_2015I could not for the life of me get a picture I liked so here we go. I looked like cousin It with my hair all over the place. #longhairproblems #whydidntitieupmymop

I couldn’t get over how windy it was. But it was beautiful nonetheless! We decided to grab some lunch on the beach at Mo’s. The hilarious part is a lovely reader (Bethany) commented yesterday just as we sat down and ordered haha! I ended up ordering the chowder like she suggested and MAN…talk about amazing. I LOVE clam chowder!

IMG_2017Also they gave us an amazing seat. I would suggest this place again, but I probably wouldn’t have gotten the entree I went with. I went with fish and chips. Should have gone with my main choice. That is what I get for changing my mind!

We headed back to the hotel for a bit, walked around, had some pretty disappointing dinner hence why I am not bothering with showing the pictures. Let’s just say if you are in Seaside, avoid the one and only Italian restaurant. It was clear a lot of the seafood was frozen and not fresh. Yes, I channel my inner Gordon Ramsay at times. ā¤

Now where are we going next :O?


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