Bremerton, WA- Day four of the road trip

Started the morning with another 30 minute workout. It was pretty overcast and a bit foggy in Seaside, but no excuse not to get my groove on. Decided to jog to the water, do TONS of pump lunges and regular walking lunges, a couple sprints and some tabatas. For fun I will include some of the tabata work.

If you are not sure what a tabata is, it is 8 rounds of 20 seconds WORKING and 10 seconds REST. A true tabata is NOT what I am doing. This is a bit of a spin on a genuine tabata since real tabata generally is the same type of exercise each round. Tabatas were originally a cycling centred training.


ROUND ONE:  incline pushups off a bench
ROUND TWO: one legged squats (modified by using one leg to sit and stand up off a bench)
ROUND THREE: calf raises (both legs)
ROUND FOUR: right leg calf raises
ROUND FIVE: left leg calf raises
ROUND SIX: burpees with a tuck jump
ROUND SEVEN: tricep dips off bench
ROUND EIGHT: high knees


ROUND ONE:  “touch downs” (for lack of better word…Standing on bench, single leg squat and with the other leg tap the floor then back up to the bench)
ROUND TWO: other leg
ROUND THREE: front, back, side lunge RIGHT SIDE
ROUND FOUR: front, back, side lunge LEFT SIDE
ROUND FIVE: tuck jumps
ROUND SIX: plank side taps (in a high plank, tapping feet from side to side)
ROUND SEVEN: regular squats
ROUND EIGHT: box jump onto the bench

After getting back, I decided to commit to making healthier choices. I have been indulging each day, and I didn’t plan on being 100% on. But I wanted to do my best to make some better choices than I have been. Since Sunday I get my Piyo certification, I didn’t want to have any tummy aches and pains. So I wrote out a list for the fix to keep me on it.


I wasn’t 100%, but I did do decent. I have noticed I haven’t been eating enough veggies so I had lots of peppers while we were on our drive. We drove for 4 hours or so.


It was absolutely beautiful the entire drive. I noticed there is a lot of military around where we are staying. Some cool old decommissioned war vessels and other things in the ship yards.


We arrived safe and sound. We walked about and found ourselves a movie theatre. So after dinner we went to see “A Million Ways to Die in the West.” Pretty funny! I enjoyed it a lot.

I know I haven’t included any food photos. Mainly, I am running short on time and my photos are on my iphone. But I will say I did indulge. Like I said, not 100% on it. I had mac and cheese with bacon and pulled pork in it. It was divine. The end.


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