Silverdale, WA- Piyo Certification- Day five of the road trip

Yep! you read that right! If you didn’t hear this on my Youtube or on the Facebook page, there was a Piyo certification close to where we were going to be on our road trip. The next BC Piyo training was taking place up in Vernon which is very far from where I am. So this just seemed convenient for me.

The certification was in Silverdale, which was about a 20 minute drive from where we stayed in Bremerton. It was an all day certification in the Haselwood YMCA (absolutely amazing facility..may have drooled a bit just looking at how amazing it was). I had never done Piyo before, just seen videos or heard about it. So I didn’t know what to expect. But as our instructor, Bridget, said…”get rid of any expectations you may already have about this class…because you thoughts can become our reality.” SO very true.


Though Piyo is Pilates and yoga has some definite low impact cardio and strength components. I was SOOO sweaty from this workout. VERY happy I brought extra clothing! Bridget was absolutely amazing too. Her teaching style really worked with me and her enthusiasm and positive uplifting attitude really made everyone feel so comfortable! Wish I lived closer so I could attend her classes!!

Anyway, after the training was over (it FLEW by) Matt picked me up and we went to get some dinner. We stopped at Panera since I had wanted to try it. It really reminded me of Bread Garden (My BC folks may remember that chain). The baked goods looked amazing but I went with a half pasta and soup. Pesto tortellini and cheese/broccoli soup. I know. Super duper clean and healthy right ;)? It was just what I needed. I totally did not bring enough food with me to the training. Oh well!


We then hit up Target and Trader Joe’s. I wanted to get a Soda Stream. I drink so much carbonated water, it makes sense for me to just make my own rather than buying tons of Perrier and going through it super fast. We found one at Target on sale for about $72. Way cheaper down here than back home. At Trader Joe’s? well I am there for the spray coconut oil and spices..also picked up wine for my papa!

Matt and I also picked up some wine and cheese for ourselves to indulge in. Monday we both have decided to start working hard on our fitness goals we have planned for ourselves. Good thing I brought my fix containers! Time to dust those off ;).


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