Vancouver, BC- day six of the road trip

Hey all!

So some of the Piyo photos have been uploaded. Here is one from that fun day!



I was SO sore. My triceps, deltoids, biceps, obliques and hamstrings ESPECIALLY were sore. Feels great to see how sweaty and sore I can get from such a low impact exercise class like this.

I also took photos of pretty much everything I ate since I wanted to stay accountable. The breakfast was from the continental that the hotel served. Wasn’t great but did what I could with what was offered.


We left Bremerton, WA and headed out to Bellvue. We wanted to hit up The Container Store to see if there are any great storage solutions for our teeny condo we will be moving into soon. We took the ferry over into Seattle. It was a beautiful sail! I did some planning and goal setting with Matt during the time.


We went a little crazy at The Container Store. SO many cool things. We then went to Joey Bellvue for lunch. One of my favourite chains up in Canada. I went with the steak and sushi and asked for a side of the seasonal veggies since I was behind on my veggies.


We drove for about 5.5 hours in total to get home but on the way we stopped at a few places. We first stopped at the Tulalip outlet centre to see what they had in Kate Spade. I have been looking for a specific wallet for my mama but nothing. Did end up getting some Reebok lifting shoes for cheap! Pretty excited about those. Then we stopped at Bellisfair and I found the foot wraps I wanted from Nike for Piyo. Also picked up some equipment to use for when I get my bootcamps up and running (clients…be very scared..mwahaha).

Once we got home, my mama made some yummy homemade tacos. I will admit I totally had more than these two. I was starved. This is what happens when I don’t snack between meals. I had an orange before dinner since I was ravenous but still was starved and went a bit overboard. Oh well.

IMG_2056They were standing but they fell and I was too hungry to be bothered to make them look pretty. So there you go, folks.

I have my vlog all edited and will be posting it later on (tonight or tomorrow morning!). I vlogged clips from the whole trip since I was such a blonde and forgot to vlog the morning of the Piyo cert. Hehe! We are on the ferry back to Victoria as I type this! This trip was amazing. Just what both of us needed. Love love love road trippin’ with Matt. Also, I have fallen in love with Oregon. Can’t wait for our next trip together! ❤


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