How to make a glass casserole

I woke up early, as per usual, and had breakfast with my momma. She made scrambled eggs (1 whole egg, 1 egg white, scoop of cottage cheese and spices), stir fried veggies, toast (a bit of grass fed dairy butter) and strawberries…and an americano of course :). 10383585_660878603995662_670493983015417058_n

Matt and I had had to rush to get to the 11 am ferry since we wanted to get to Costco before the “Colwood Crawl” (which is our rush hour).  I did make a Shakeology for the ferry.. but I cannot seem to locate that photo. I am sure you are not too choked about it ;).

We went to Costco and DIDN’T buy a bunch of junk since we could both eat our arms off. Win. I ended up picking up a stereo for when I get my outdoor bootcamps and piyo classes up and going. I had eyed it for a while and we decided to commit to it. It hooks up to all my apple devices. Debating on getting a mic to wear for it since, if you know me, I SUCK at shouting. It is pretty hard to hear my voice most of the time since I am a hardcore mumbler! HA!

We picked up some rotisserie chicken so that is what is on the plate here. With cheese and two servings of veggies (cucumber and broccoli).


After unpacking and organizing a bit, I decided to get my Piyo on. Since we are moving (no date yet blurrg!) our space is very cluttered with so much junk! So decided to take it to the gym! I practiced for about an hour. This is going to take a lot of practice to learn and instruct it! I am putting myself out there and going to try and do some free outdoor classes. It will help me feel more comfortable in front of a group and get people aware of this awesome class too!


Then I had this awesome idea for dinner. Quinoa casserole of sorts. It smelled SO good. Then I thought “hey, maybe I could sprinkle some cheese on part of it. Matt would enjoy that!” So I put it in my corningware dish. It was my first time using it and then THIS happens after 5 minutes in the oven. It exploded! I am so gutted!!


I felt like it was the universes sign that I should just order pizza or Chinese…but I didn’t. I made a chicken sandwich with the little big bread we bought at costco (thinly sliced bread.. 2 slices = 1 servings of bread), with a side of veggies. So I am proud to say I did alright with my eats. I didn’t eat all my containers but I made some good choices…and dinner? I had my heart in the right place *shrug*.  Quinoa casserole turned into a glass casserole. *sob* it smelled so good!


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