What I ate Wednesday

Welcome to a “I have nothing exciting to blog about so I will do a WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY” post ;).

Meal one:

2 slices of little big bread, 2 tsp cookie butter (Yaasss), strawberries and espresso


Meal two:

2 poached eggs, 4 slices turkey bacon, quinoa, cucumber, strawberries…and more espresso

IMG_2125Meal three:

Not shown. Again. I am sure you are bawling your eyes out I didn’t take a photo of my shaker bottle ;).

Shakeology, banana, almond butter, almond milk, spinach and ice. Blend. YUM.


I reallllly didn’t want to workout. But it was National Running day. How could I not run? I forced it and went. Sometimes that is all you need. I was in a horrible mood all day. Sad, angry, grumpy, everything that the lovely PMS ferry has sprinkled amongst us ladies. So the run, though I didn’t want it, was most needed. I ran 5.5 km. Not my best, but I did it!

Meal four:

2 slices little big bread, cheese, chicken, spinach, cucumber


Meal five:

baked carrots and asparagus in coconut oil. Just through the vibrant colours deserved a separate photo ;). IMG_2136


steak, onion, mushrooms, garlic and quinoa



So though the PMS ferry may tell you ” I NEED CHOCOLATE” or “SCREW EATING HEALTHY,” your body will thank you more and more if you keep on your healthy eats, hydration and activity. Sure, cramps suck. But studies have proven that these things HELP a lot. Also? studies have shown that our estrogen and testosterone levels are different during this time and you may see more power and “gainz” (..as the cool meatballs say) during this time.

Woohoo! Here is to WIAW and TMI!! #alltheacroynms



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