Mt. Tzouhalem Gutbuster 7 km Race

I ran my very first trail race…ever!

A friend of ours was going to run the Gutbuster race up in Duncan on Mt. Tzouhalem (ya you try and pronounce it. I still can’t). So we decided to hop on in and do it too. These events are put on by Frontrunners. They posted this photo on Instagram and I can see our little crew in the back of this photo.


So our friends Jenn (and her friend Jenn..yes three Jenn’s! trouble right?), Janine, Matt and myself all ran it and little did we know.. we were in for a shock. Had no idea what kind of terrain we were going to be dealing with…but WOW. It was tough. The hills were SO steep there was no way to run up them. I really did not wear the best runners for it…but hey! I only fell once ;). I made friends with a girl on the course. Her name was Rhonda, she really helped me out. We were leap froggin’ with each other for a while at the start and then she said “Hey!! COMMON WE CAN DO THIS” and we both started running together. It was great to talk and get to know someone as we tackled this together. The course was advertised as 7 km, but my Garmin read 8 km which is what it definitely felt like. The race finished where we started, in front of Providence farms.

IMG_5410I gotta say, I love the community that comes along with trail running. Everyone that passed us was so very supportive. So talkative, encouraging and happy. There is something similar yet different with this community in comparison to the road running community. I really loved it.

On our way home we stopped at this carwash to support some of the local  firefighters. My husbands friend volunteers with them so that is how we learned of this. It was pretty neato. They had the truck out and the they used their hoses to wash the car. How fun!


Then we went to a friends BBQ for their housewarming. It was a beautiful afternoon! the best part? we went to bed SUPER early. YES! My favourite. I know, I know. I know how to party it up on Saturday’s ;).


QOTD: Do you prefer to run in the trails or on the road?

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