As I talked about earlier this year, Matt (the husband) was on deployment for over 2 months. It was our first time being apart for that long and his first deployment. Yesterday, a parade was held on the jetty to award the men and women with medals. I honestly thought I was going to be super late. I JUST made my bus, after taking the wrong bus first. Bumped into my friend Olga and the two of us walked down. We came in behind the band and were thinking that we WERE late. Turns out we were just on time. Phewph. Being late gives me a minor heart attack (minor exaggeration) haha!


We sat down and lucky me, my guy was in the front row. I have never seen a parade so it was really cool to watch. Plus, how can you NOT love these uniforms *melts*.


Congrats to all the men and women on these ships <3.


So proud of Matt. When I had a chance to go on a day sail with him last spring, I got to see him in action. Really proud of the worker and leader this man is.


…then I tried to take a photo of the medals and my phone wouldn’t focus. Plus I didn’t want to be THAT weird wife (though I am regardless ;)).


The other medal is for his 12 years in the Navy. Super neato right?

Anyway, I know this was mainly a photo-op blog post..but man I am proud of my guy. As hard as those months were, he got to experience this mission first hand. Very proud and grateful of the men and women that serve this country each and every day.


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