Fun fact about Jenn. I talk in third person sometimes I played soccer from the age of 4 until about first year university. Another fun fact? I have missed it!! A friend Matt worked with for a while posted on FB looking for ladies who wanted to play since the team needed more girls. He knew me well and let her know I would probably be interested. So yesterday was the first game. The team is co-ed and I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I played intramural soccer in university I played co-ed and I found the men would rarely play the ball to any of the women. I was crossing my fingers that wouldn’t be the case because what is the point of co-ed soccer?

We got to the field and I was given my neato seafoam coloured jersey.

IMG_5445The game was awesome. Super happy to see the kind of soccer that is being played and that everyone gets to actually play the ball. We were short a player and the other team had a few subs. One of  their players was nice enough to play on our side, but wow. Talk about cardio. We managed to keep the score tied nil-nil the entire game, so that is a win in my books.

The only thing.. I managed to not think a play through and wiped out on some pavement right beside the field. I was trying to keep the ball in and I thought I had it and I slipped over the ball and fell hard on the track beside the field. A big raspberry on the back of my thigh, and road rash around my knees and hands. Burns a lot.. you can imagine how awesome the shower felt post-game. I also managed to rip some of my boot but nothing I couldn’t play with.. I also plan on just duct taping that up for the time being..because I am that person.



Other than the fall, it was a good game. The season goes until mid August, so that will keep me busy this summer. We have a lot of traveling in August so we will see how it all goes! So happy to be back on the pitch though!


So fun getting back into something I missed a lot. But because I am so used to steady state running with my long distances, this game was TOUGH on my cardio. It will be a great challenge and change up in my fitness this summer that is for sure!! VERY excited about that.

QOTD: Are there any activities you did growing up that you wish you still did? or do you still do those activites?


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