What I ate Wednesday- June 11th

It was What I ate Wednesday in the challenge group today! So here are some of my eats!

2 poached eggs, veggies, hot sauce, quinoa and espresso:


Shakeology, espresso, ice and splash of almond milk. YUM. My go-to Shakeology for the summer I think!

IMG_2245My favourite Kale salad, salmon with honey and dill, and quinoa


Then I forgot to take photos of the rest. But I had a snack of cheese and carrots.. yes random I know. Then I really really wanted popcorn so I made air pop popcorn with coconut oil..which keeps me full for a while. That is all I ate because we went to see the movie Chef and by the time we got home it was around 9:30 so I saw no point in having good. Especially since I wasn’t SUPER hungry. I didn’t hit all my containers but that is okay.

My body was SUPER sore from soccer (and still is), so I ended up not working out. My road rash hurt too much to wear shorts or my workout pants, so another reason why I didn’t workout.

Had a bit of a sad day. Just wasn’t in the best mood and I didn’t choose to get myself out of the negative attitude I had. So I sat down and wrote myself a note again. Sometimes that is what I need to remind myself to choose positivity, choose happiness and get what needs to be done..done! I wrote:


Drink Water

Say a positive affirmation

Remember something you are grateful for


Pretty happy to see I don’t have a soccer game until Thursday next week. The soreness and cuts should be better by then!

I am feelin’ a heck of a lot better today. It is a beautiful day. I am blessed. I am grateful. Here is to an awesome end to the week <3.


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