Date night

Cannot believe it almost our first year since this happened:


I WISH we go back and experience it all over again. Kind of crazy to think a year later we are moving into our new home. Though the whole moving situation is kind of stressful, it it really neat knowing we are home owners. Craziness.

We decided to take an impromptu date night. He was off work and we got some packing done, so thought we would catch another movie. First we went to my favourite Vietnamese restaurant . I have a great love for Pho. YUM!

We shared one of my favourites, shrimp salad rolls:



Then I went with my usual, beef ball noodle soup. Yummy!IMG_5448We went to see 22 jump street. We were expecting the theatre to be packed but it wasn’t too bad. It was pretty funny, I thought it was a little slow to start but for the most part it was an alright movie. Channing Tatum was in it… so there is that #celebritycrush #drool


One thing for us, when it comes to date night, we are HORRIBLE with thinking up ideas on what to do. Yesterday was the first time we didn’t just sit for an hour going “where do you want to eat?” “no, where do YOU want to eat?”  “what should we do?” “I don’t know, what do you think we should do?” I find in the summer months it is a little easier to figure out fun things to do, so at least we are approaching summer. So my question for YOU is…

What are some fun date ideas that you have done or would like to do with your partner?!


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