June 18-22 weekly recap!

Hey! Hi! Hello!

Yes I am alive. This week has been a bit crazy. The move in date has been set and I pick up the keys this week. The kinda poopy thing about it all is that Matt will be at sea for the move in and for our first marriage anniversary. But hey, that is military life sometimes. So just doing our best to have it all packed up (at least 90% packed) before Matt sails off. Luckily I have a few friends that will help out on the move! Cannot wait to get in there. It is a beautiful unit. Small, but perfect for what our lifestyle is here in Victoria.

So this weekend has been centred around spending some time together and packing since he will be gone for a while. So let us recap what things I got up to this week OTHER than packing.

Wednesday, my friend Emmy and I worked out twice together. I biked over to her place at 6 am for a run, then later in the day we biked to the gym for an awesome workout. Then, after freshening up, we hit up one of my favourite places “Be Love.” Vegan and raw items = happy tummy! Look at this amazing array of vegan eats!

The soup had sweet potato, carmalized onions, kidney beans..omg so good.

The shot was Kombucha. I know I get friggin’ crazy and party hard right?

The yellow drink is an elixer. Would totally order this again when I am fighting a cold or sickness. Full of awesome herbs, and spices. Yum.

The main dish was a cashew curry sort bowl called the “green bowl” SO good.

Then we split the “ice cream” bar. So rich and I believe the “ice cream” was made from coconut cream. Oh baby!


Thursday I didn’t double workout. I had a soccer game and I find my body is getting used to this kind of fitness again, so it needs all the energy it can get! We managed to win this one 2-1. Matt came out to watch since he surprised me and was home early from his sail! So nice to have him watch.

Earlier in the day, though, I went to “heels of steel.” It is a meeting of local women who own business. We discuss various topics and network. It was so empowering. I am very grateful to be connected with such strong amazing females!


Friday, I biked to my friend’s place again for a run. I had a poor sleep and also the toast with almond butter wasn’t enough for me. I had low blood sugar and I felt super out of it while I was running. She made me an awesome smoothie afterwards and I felt a LOT better.  IMG_5512

Saturday, Matt and I packed like crazy and then had some errands to run. We went to the bank and then to the Bay since I had a coupon that was ready to expire. Figured we would look at duvet covers since we only have sheets for our new bigger bed. With sales, the coupon and all, we picked one up for $50..originally $150. I will take it.

Matt was wanting to try out “Hanks BBQ” so we stopped in on our way home. We got a mix mash of things and shared it. Pork belly, lamb ribs, mac and cheese, corn bread and kale (Love how this post went from showing vegan food to this ha!). It was delicious!


I know, nothing too exciting. But figured things were quieter on the blog than I would like..so a check in felt right :).

Also, for those who watch my channel, I am not vlogging this beautiful Sunday. I am spending time with Matt right after I post this..and…you got it! PACKING. Have a great one everyone! I will vlog Monday and do my best to post Tuesday :).


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