Points to think about before using #organic & #cleaneating on your social media posts

Alright, I am feeling FEISTY this morning and ranty. So let me just hop up on my soapbox here.

I will start with a disclaimer. I am not making this as a personal aim at you if you eat processed food, because honestly.. I do from time to time too. I do not care if you eat mostly packaged items, I just ask that you stop calling these items “clean” because they may be labeled as “organic” and what not. I am also simply putting out some points for you to think about. Also, writing this does not mean I eat 100% organic. Again, this is just a place I wanted to put forward some points for you to think about.

Okay, so let us start with the term ORGANIC. This word is thrown around A LOT. Especially where I live. Victoria, BC folks are all about the organic, free ranged, grain free, dairy free etc and so forth. Organic food apparently trumps all. But have you thought about this. When you walk into Whole Foods in your neighborhood here in Canada and see…let’s say..mangoes. The sign will often read “product of _____.” RARELY would you ever see “product of Canada.” So riddle me this:

Would you consider this item organic when it has traveled thousands of miles and crossed multiple borders?

First of all, each nation has their own regulations and laws when it comes to the importing of foods. One thing that I think about in particular are anti-bug laws. Let’s be honest, in order to make sure that various bugs and other organisms do not cause a threat to the environment it is entering into, some kind of pesticide use (or other method to ensure that organisms have been killed off) probably will happen. Strike one of “is it still organic?”

Next, how did the mangoes get to your Whole Foods up in Canada? More than likely, some trucking and flying may have been involved. Think about the fuel necessary to bring this to Canada. Nice footprint ya got there, mangoes! Strike two!

Yet another reason why we should be including “locally grown” into our repertoire of desired terms for food.

Next term I wanted to go over, is clean. As you may know, I have a mild obsession with Instagram (okay, it isn’t so mild. I get it!). So the hash tags #clean #cleaneating #cleaneats are often used…and used incorrectly may I ad. Oh, and don’t get me started on the oxymoron that is #cleancheat *groan*

When I say these hash tags are used incorrectly, I am talking about how they are being used on products that have expiry dates of a couple years. Real CLEAN food…has an expiry. Also? clean food does not have a billion and one processed ingredients. In the Instagram world, the Quest Bar phenomenon has exploded. Guys, they aren’t clean. Sure, compared to the thousand of other bars on the market they are a tad better.. but really.. they aren’t CLEAN. They come in a package, they have a lengthier expiry date than a protein bar you made from scratch at home…and they have stuff like “Isomalto- Oligosacchariddes” in them. Does that sound clean to you? 94169b8f586c582c05812a80a1f0e9e5

I could care less if you consume these bars or anything processed for that matter. But I believe social media is a platform where many look to for inspiration, and sometimes education. Falsely claiming items as clean or healthy (yet they contain horrible artificial sugars, colours and other preservatives..I am talking to you crystal light and pre-workout energy supplements), is outright wrong and misleading. I consume processed “food like items” from time to time too.Like I said, I am not perfect. But by no means do I label this junk as #cleancheat or #clean. All I can ask is that you are upfront with your audience on whatever platform you use.

All I ask is, DO YOUR RESEARCH. If you are unsure about something.. RESEARCH IT. We have the world at our fingertips with the rise of social media and search engines. Research what you are consuming!!

*sharp exhale* Okay.. I think I am done ranting..for now *heh heh*. Have a gooder everyone!




3 thoughts on “Points to think about before using #organic & #cleaneating on your social media posts

  1. There’s so much poor information and confusion with nutrition. I honestly feel like the more I read and learn, the less I know. I believe it was Time magazine that just came out with a front cover saying it’s great to eat butter now. The sad thing is, there was a study of some sort supporting that, but apparently with many caveats on how one is supposed to be eating the butter (like without any carbohydrates, or something). The textbooks and government agencies say one thing, the “studies” often something else, the Dr. Oz’s yet another thing, and not all studies are valid. With the organic stuff, some would argue that the pesticides are harmless to humans anyway. Others aren’t so sure and still others do organic to avoid the harm to the environment that pesticide runoff in farms causes. I will buy organic if it’s available and looks fresh. Local farm produce is the best but also (for me) much more expensive and only available at a few small farmer’s markets. Still I make the effort as much as I can. Like you I also still eat some processed foods, it’s almost impossible not to sometimes. But I always try to make the majority of the food entering me be of the homemade and whole variety without added junk. — Bert

  2. I agree completely. I dont believe in “clean eating” at all. I dont think truly “clean” food exist.

    That said, oligosaccharides are short chain carbohydrates. The I so is from isomalt (?)
    Which is made purley from starch (tapioca and corn probably) and is very high in fiber, very low galvanic index, very low sugar, but sweet, and a prebiotic. Haha sounds like a horrible chemical, but totally isnt. Now I dont agree with the sucralose in most of the quest flavours and I dont think they are “clean” haha I just actually finished my carbohydrate chapter today and learned about this so I had to share LOL

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