Think out loud Thursday

Doing a little think it out Thursday action, since I have lots to think about these days.

1. I haven’t been running a ton

Here and there I will do a small run with stair workout with my girl Emmy, but other than that.. it has been low impact for this chica. I have been feeling a slight pain on the top of my left foot. I have never had a running injury, and I have worried about stress fractures. May be because I haven’t been wearing the newest of shoes.. probably. I packed my newest pair of runners (dumb idea) so I’ve been wearing some older ones. Anyway, I rather baby it than make things worse. It has been feeling much better, so hopefully I’ll be laced up and connecting satellites in no time!

2. Tomorrow is the big move

I would be lying if I wasn’t slightly nervous. I hate moving. More so the process of it. I know we will be done by noon, but I still stress. I am so so so grateful for the amazing men and women helping me out Friday while Matt is at sea. I cannot express it enough in words. I gotta say though, it kinda sucks not having Matt with me for this. But this is the Navy life sometimes! he will be back in no time and hopefully everything will be in place. Let us see if I can set up the T.V. on my own aha!

3. Trashy TV again!!

So with out new place, we got some new channels…HELLO TRASHY TV. It is a bit sad how excited that makes me. Especially since I am not a big TV watcher. But I can’t help myself. Slice and TLC, UGH! guilty pleasure okay?

4. I love my bike!

I have been cycling a lot more lately and MAN. I love it. I bought my bike at a silent auction to fund raise for the MS of Canada. Best purchase. I wanted a nice road bike and I am pretty happy with it. Plus Victoria is pretty bike friendly for the most part.

5. Working it out differently

This summer, I want to do different types of workouts. Last year I was stuck in the gym twice a day and hating it. HATING. Never did I ever hate the gym (especially since as a trainer..I often train clients in this setting). This summer is different. I want to be outside doing anything and everything. Kayaking, hiking, trail running, stair climbing, rock climbing, swimming (eek kinda scares me a little), and outdoor circuits. I LOVE being in nature and boy do I want to take advantage of this beautiful place I live in. Plus I will be traveling a bit, so it is a great way to see a new place! I am hoping to get to know Winnipeg a bit more with my outdoor workouts (though its super tough since I suck at running in the humidity!).


I am loving playing again! But man it is TOUGH. We rarely have subs so we often play the full 90 minutes. My body isn’t used to this kind of fitness, but it has been so fun. Feels good to be back out there. Also, the World Cup has been inspiring me too :).

7. Nashville, TN 2015!
I am going to Nashville next summer!! Beachbody summit in 2015 is there instead of Las Vegas. I have always wanted to go, so naturally, I HAD to buy a ticket. SO happy I did. I cannot wait to meet my lovely friends all over USA and Canada face to face!! This is where Beachbody coaches meet for a few days of learning, growing, loving and working out!! I am going to make my stay at least a week. I want to explore and get to see the city. WAH! so excite.

8. Old friends ❤

I have recently been connecting with an old friend. We met in first year university, lived 2 doors down from each other in residence (that is the same as dorms..we called it “res”). We both have seen each other go from unhealthy lifestyles to healthy ones. We use to eat lots of junk, rarely workout, and party a little too much. But lately, we have been loving working out together. She is FAST and STRONG. Man, she gives me a run for my money. So I love working out with her. She makes me push myself HARD. Definitely the best part of having a workout accountability partner. They make you WORK.

Ehhhh I think that is all I have to share today. I got the last bit of packing to finish then I am off to pick up the keys to the new place!!!!


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