Random thoughts on a Monday

Huh. Has it really almost been a full month since I posted a blog post? Apparently.


(Insert excuse of choice here..)

I have been on social media. If you haven’t subscribed and are into daily vlogs, I have been daily vlogging. This was suppose to be a 1 week venture.. but it has gone on past that point. Anywho, click here and you can check out the channel.

So for this post, I am just gonna spurt out random thoughts to catch you up a bit on where I am at:

I have somehow fallen in love with hot yoga (moksha…still not into the Bikrams thing). I said somehow, because I don’t enjoy heat.. like at all. But something about my journey with piyo has lead me to want to try hot yoga again, but with an open mind and heart. I am finally feeling that mind/body connection people talk about. I guess it is similar to that feeling of when I fell in love with yoga. It took so so so many runs for me to really see how healing running was for me. But yeah, yogi Jenn over here. Last night, my brother and I went to the evening class where they play live music as you practice. Luca had an amazing way about his music. Beautiful. It was a beautiful practice. Really centered me for the week.



I have been really enjoying the Grouse Grind in Vancouver. I went with my brother last week, and then with a friend a few days ago. It is a beautiful (yet challenging) trail and it spurred some really great thoughts, reflection and conversation. I am hoping to get in one more run of it while I am visiting Vancouver.

I have been in really great spirits as of late. I have a better attitude about life. Much more positive, much more self love, much more self belief. I am learning how important it is to not only have my loved ones support me and believe in me…but for ME to believe in me. I feel like I have been just going through the motions of life the last little while but I am not up and ready to take on what needs to be taken on.

I am thankful I can still communicate with Matt while he is at sea this time around. He is in the states and has reception most of the time he has been gone. But still miss the bugger. He is back in just over 2 weeks! He has been gone for a month now.

Lately I have a juice obsession. Be Love and Cafe Bliss in Victoria.. AMAZING. Gonna grab a juice before my hair appointment this week since it is right beside the juice bar. It is funny how I didn’t really enjoy juices or “get it” but I love how energized I feel. I like the really veggie dense ones especially. Nom.

The Piyo challenge group is going well and I am really loving it. Seeing differences in the DVDs and the live format (which is fairly normal for this kind of thing). But still loving the workouts and the peeps in our group are kickin booty!


PS look at that awesome runners tan. Tan arms and shoulders…SUPER white back and tummy. Yup!

Oh and my love for crazy workout apparel is still going strong. Hello Nike pants. You are pretty.


And yes, I have been doing the Piyo workouts on the roof top of my parents place.. it is SO calming. Something really special about that space up there. Great way to start each morning.

Well that is all for now. Just a mini check in! I will try and balance everything a little better :). Love you guys! Thanks for always supporting me :).


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