Tips to staying active while traveling

Fun fact about Jenn…she shouldn’t refer to herself in third person she loves to travel.

You may notice, Matt and I travel a fair amount and I have been pretty blessed to travel a lot of the world at a younger age. Since starting my journey to become a healthier me, I have found ways to keep myself active and healthy while on vacation (or if away for work ….stay fit while away from home). I thought I would post on this topic today since Matt and I are off to travel for about a month starting next week!



Come prepared

I travel pretty much anywhere with snacks and my Shakeology. Depending where you are traveling, you can pack most things with you. Obviously with flying regulations, you may have to tweak some of your favourite snacks..but it is totally doable. If you are road trippin’? I love to bring my portable cheap blender (mine is from oster). Easy to bring, affordable, and I can get my Shakeology in the way I like (blended with almond milk and a banana).

Fitness wise, I also come prepared. I ALWAYS pack running shoes, workout clothing and a DVD workout program if need be. Maybe you have a busy day and the hotel gym isn’t 24 hours or you don’t feel comfortable running in an area you don’t know that well.. then you can pop in that Insanity DVD and get your 30 minutes in.

Also, I always travel with an empty water bottle. Most airports have water filtration systems past security. If you are like me and HATE airplane bathrooms, remember how you feel when you don’t get in enough water. You don’t want your first day in a new place to be ruined due to dehydration headaches. Water is key! so suck it up, drink up and use the airplane bathroom if need be 🙂

Check amenities of the places you are staying in

Is there a gym? pool? mini fridge? maybe a kitchenette? These are some things we like to check into since it can make for a healthier trip (and often times.. a more affordable one since you can do a lot of your own cooking rather than eating out).

Running or cycling tours

When I traveled to Paris, we found a bike tour. It was PERFECT. You often can see more of the city this way since you can go to places tour buses may not be capable of. Also? for lunch we stopped at a Parisian market, picked out ingredients we wanted for lunch and ate it in a park or along the water. Many cities have tours like this, or even running tours. These are amazing ways to see the city from an angle you just won’t get on a bus!

Check out facilities in the area

When we travel back to see Matt’s family, I like to check out the types of fitness facilities in the area. Yoga studios, gyms, group fitness classes etc. Check out if they have visitor passes, or visitor rates. Make sure to check that the deal is worth it, too. I checked into Moksha yoga and the beginner rate is $40 unlimited for a month. We will be there for 10 days, so if I go at least twice it would be worth it since the drop-in rate is $20 a class.

Another option is to check out Groupon (or any discount site of your choosing) to see if you can find a good deal on a fitness facility for the time you are there for.

Check for local races

As I mentioned, running can be a great way to see the city. If you are an avid runner (and LOVE racing)…then what better way to see a city, and maybe add a new finishers medal and shirt to your collection, than entering a race in the area? Destination races are so much fun and you can find stores, restaurants and sites you may want to revisit while on course!

Check out your surrounds

I am a runner, so naturally I like to workout outside. But you don’t have to just run to do your workouts outside. Get creative! Use your body! There are many things you can do to create a little mini circuit for yourself and your surroundings can aid in that. Hills, playgrounds, tracks, stairs, etc can make for some fun workouts!

But remember, don’t make fitness a chore

This is a rule to have on days at home as well, but especially when you are on vacation. Fitness shouldn’t be a punishment.. or…pre-punishment? you know what I mean.. when you KNOW you are going to have a few drinks and nachos at that all inclusive resort so you force yourself to workout. No. Just don’t. Instead, make a mini goal for yourself. I generally make it a point of being active for at least 30 minutes a day. That can mean anything! If you are on a bike tour, you don’t have to go slave in the gym at an ungodly hour so you can make it to the tour on time. You are still being active. Some vacations are more active than others. When I travel in Europe, I walk around a lot more than I would at an all inclusive resort. Just remember you are on vacation. Find some fun things to do, and do them! Beach volleyball, dance lessons poolside, surfing, little morning jog to check out a local juice bar or cafe, renting bikes. There are many options to make it fun and apart of your adventures.

Sure, prioritize your workout by getting up and doing it first thing. But don’t let your workout take away from your time away from home. Be kind to yourself!


QOTD: What are some things YOU do to keep active while away from home?

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