Is this thing on?

Knock, Knock, Knock…is this thing on?


Oh, hey there ;). Yes, I have been a bad blogger…again.


Originally I set out to take a small break from making Youtube videos to focus on some personal things, but it kinda sprouted into all my platforms..and even my cell phone. I am usually that girl with her iPhone clutched in her paws at all times; however, the last while I keep forgetting it on the charger at home!

So what to update you on..hmmm. Well…

Early October, we got back from Florida. The trip was wonderful and just what both Matt and I needed. I really love that state. Also I went HARD at the Victoria’s Secret Outlet in Orlando. How could I not? PINK sweatpants for $10? VS sports bras for $14.99? don’t mind if I do!

I spent about a week with my family after that. I have been missing my family and Vancouver a lot lately. (But we are planning on moving back within the next year or so!!) So when ever I get a chance, I try to get over there! Plus there was Canadian Thanksgiving. Hello, pumpkin pie <3.
Halloween? We went to two parties. One at the Fleet club and the other at a friends place (separate weekends). I dressed up as Sandy from Grease, and then as a ballerina for the second party. Matt dressed up as his favourite condiment…HOT SAUCE. T’was a good time, and lots of candy was consumed. LOTS.

Early November, we helped out with house and dog sitting while my family went away for a destination wedding in Mexico. It was great to catch up with old friends and with my brother. The puppies were both on medications so it was a bit more of a handful than usual. But I would do anything for those pooches. They are all better now though! 🙂


Mid November I went to the event I CANNOT WAIT for every year, the Can-Fit-Pro Vancouver Conference. Talk about fire in my belly! I learned so many cool things about nutrition and have been implementing what I learned into my own routine.IMG_6432

Oh.. and I may have hit up the Vancouver Chipotle more than twice during that week. Yolo? I am all about dat bowl (without sour cream). It will be deadly if we live within a 5 km radius of this place when we move. I will be tempted to go all the time. IMG_6419

Late November, I joined hot yoga again. Not Bikram’s style, it really isn’t my thing. I like variety and this particular studio gives me that. I never had tried this location out before, but I have fallen in love with it. The people are so kind, the facility is calm and CLEAN (big thing for me) and I can’t get enough! It has been nice spending time each day on my mat. On the days I really don’t want to go, I have now seen that I need yoga most. It really settles my mind and helps strength/stretch my body.




I also have been trying out a new run club lately. It is a bit small in attendance at this time of year. It is the rainy season after all (though we have been very lucky lately!).


Also, I have been obsessed with “Green Cuisine” here in Victoria, as well as juice from Cafe Bliss. Trying to cut down on the juice since it is bloody expensive…and I can totally make them on my own to save some moooola!


Ooooo! and our condo has the gym all set up. VERY happy with it!


So there you go. That is what has been up..well not entirely. I have been working on a few things I prefer to keep private for the time being too.

I will do my best to get more consistent again. Stay tuned, since I think I will be participating in Vlogmas (video blogging everyday in December). Figured, why not?! December is a more exciting month for us. We have holiday parties, we are going to Winnipeg and Vancouver, and then.. no idea what we will do for NYE…maybe order in Chinese again? we did that last year and it was DELISH.

Oh! and I have been adding snaps to my snap story on Snapchat! Give me a follow if you wish! Same username as everywhere else (Jonesee90).



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