Happy 2015!!

Happy New Year, folks!


I started 2015 by doing something out of my comfort zone, which made for one of the best runs in a very long time! I added trail running into my run. I get nervous running in the trails, especially on my own. I would never do it if the sun was about to go down or anything of that sort. But these trails are very populated, especially on holidays, so I felt a little better about trying them out. I ran about 7 km worth of trails in my 10 km run and it was spectacular. I tucked my ipod away in my pocket and listened to the sounds of the forest. Enjoyed the smell of fresh air and the trees (and the occasional mound of horse poop). It was truly energizing to hear the chirping of the birds, the running of local streams, and the occasional crunch of twigs under my runners. I definitely would like to make trail running apart of my routine more. I am going to try to do so when I am here, visiting Vancouver (since it is easier when I have access to a car to get to trails and what not). It was a new challenge for my body and mind. I really loved it!

I must stay, this is the first time in a while that I have felt excited, energized and positive for the upcoming year. I am ready to work on myself both physically and mentally. I am put the steps necessary towards those goals I have only”wished” for in the past, and actually DO them.

So today, I am going to share a few things I am going to do in 2015…

  • Look to the present and continue into the future.
    • I have focused too much on the past. With weight fluctuations, with where I am with my career, with the pace I now run comfortably at.. all of it. I am deciding now to scrap that. To start with a clean slate and focus on the now. One thing I decided to do, is delete ALL past photos of me off my phone. No more comparing my body to the past. I am focusing on the now and the future :).
  • Weight loss
    • I have mentioned this on Youtube, and now I will here. I am ready to work on the weight that I gained in the last year. I am ready to make the changes necessary.
    • I am giving my try and tracking macros again and continuing with balance.
  • Running more
    • I was on the fence whether to run the full or half marathon in the spring. With my schedule, I don’t feel I could commit the way I would like to if I were to train for the full marathon. So half marathon it is. We will be away for the BMO Vancouver unfortunately, but I will find a half marathon to run. Oak Bay half marathon maybe? Hopefully this time I don’t get hit with a golf ball this time (YUP! That really did happen on course last year).
    • I also am joining a running group again. I miss the social aspect of running. Working hard with friends at your side, and finishing off with a nice cup of coffee. I am excited to meet my new running partners in a few weeks!
  • Move to Vancouver
    • I know it sounds silly to put this down. But this has been a goal of ours to move back to Vancouver. It looks like this year will be the year. We are super excited, and slightly nervous. Fingers crossed our house hunting goes well!! I can’t wait to be closer to family.
  • Get out of my comfort zone more
    • As I mentioned at the start of this post, I did something to get out of my comfort zone. May not sound like a big thing for most people, but running in trails gets me a bit anxious. This year, I am going to do more things to get me out of my comfort zone.
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