Where oh where has jonesee been?

*sigh*…again, it has been FAR too long. Sorry guys! Guess I will start by updating y’all on what I have been up to.

First off, we are moving to Vancouver in a month. Cannot believe this is happening. This was always my plan after university, but plans changed when I got bit by the love bug (yeah, I just wrote that. Did you puke a little?). Matt and I always discussed moving to the big city after we got hitched. The time is here!

With this move, we will also be changing careers. Yep. Both of us. It is kind of scary, but I know I need a change. I love the fitness industry, but I found working in it full time hard on me. The pressure to hustle and “make it” was taking a toll on my passion for fitness. I didn’t find joy in it anymore. I need to be active. I need fitness. It has helped me through a lot of personal battles and has shown me a lot about myself. Back in January, I decided working as a Beachbody coach just wasn’t for me anymore. So I decided to terminate that. That alone took a lot of stress off my back. I knew I needed a change, so I am taking this leap of faith. I won’t be working full time in fitness any longer, but I will teach a class here and there. Maybe take on a few clients. But just enough to keep things enjoyable!

So that being said, running and other types of fitness have finally become much more enjoyable again. I ran the Comox Half Marathon back in March. I am no where near as speedy as I used to be, and I realize that is okay. I took most of 2013 off of running and focused on something else. After which I struggled with disordered thoughts, eating and exercising. So my weight did go up. I also had a surgery back in October (if you haven’t watched any of my videos, I had a breast augmentation). So basically, I had to rebuild. It has been a humbling experience, and I am learning my body’s limits again. But I am proud of how far I have come in this short amount of time. I am running the Vancouver Scotiabank Half Marathon on Sunday. One of my favourite courses and I plan on putting everything I can on the race course.

Recently, I was selected to be a Pearl Izumi Champion. I will be wearing my Pearl Izumi Singlet to the Scotia half on Sunday and my Road N2 Pearl Izumi runners (which I have been LOVING by the way. Hope to do a full review of them soon!).

I have also been actively losing weight again. Since January I am down almost 16 lbs. May not sound like a lot for some, but I am learning that I can’t be overly aggressive with my weight loss. I don’t want to trigger the disordered thoughts and “spiral out” again because I am restricting too much. I am enjoying my fitness again. I am enjoying indulgent foods I love, in moderation. I am enjoying life again. My mental health has come so far this year. I am extremely proud of that. Sure I still have some bad days where anxiety seems to run my day but those days aren’t as frequent.

Matt was on deployment earlier this year. After his homecoming, we joined friends in Los Cabos, Mexico for our friends wedding. We went for 2 weeks! Met some amazing people, ate some phenomenal foods and enjoyed our time together.


Then a week after that, I was off to Vegas for my soon-to-be sister-in-law’s stagette! It was an amazing time! Met some great people, shopped a bit too much (you can never have enough fitness clothes…that’s my motto anyway), and saw Chippendales. Yep! totally expected it to be over the top cheesy. Didn’t expect to like it. But man, it was pretty fun! Oh, and you know my love for cupcakes? hello, cupcake ATM!IMG_0717

Lately, I have been trying to take in the beauty of Victoria as much as we can. Visiting my favourite spots, and going to places we have always said we would go to..just never got around to it. We will definitely be back to visit. We are renting out our beautiful condo here and have many friends we will keep in contact with. It is just a little emotional to leave this chapter of our lives and start fresh on a new one! It is both scary but mostly exciting! it will be nice to be close to family again!


So I think that is all I can think of for now. It has been a long time since I have updated my blog. Again, I apologize. I felt some pressure to produce tons of content that was purely based on fitness or health in some way. But I realize that I want this blog to be more than that. It is a reflection of what I am up to and a way for me to express myself. So I am hoping to do that more frequently in the future!


2 thoughts on “Where oh where has jonesee been?

  1. Such amazing news! Will you be working in the wellness industry? I like reading about life journeys rather than one isolated topic, so I love the inclusion of your plans!

    • Thanks so much! I won’t be in the wellness industry for what I potentially may be doing when we move. But I do want to continue training here and there as I mentioned. I will still keep learning and updating with wellness/fitness education etc though :). Thank you for the support! truly means a lot!

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