#JobLove #TheSweatLifeVancouver

Hello lovelies!

I have been busy doing allllll the things! I have been working full time at a new job. I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with my new work. EVERYTHING about it. The people, the environment, what the company stands for. It is just perfect. I work for a litttttle company called Lululemon. I know. How Vancouver of me, right?

Side note: If you followed me along my adventures on my Youtube channel back in the day, you know I actually wasn’t always “for” the company. But I have seen past that and really have seen the heart this company has for the communities across the globe. It is pretty cool to see how much this company cares for its people and the people who come in contact with Lululemon in some way.

Since working for the company, I have gotten a chance to explore SO many styles of fitness. Various styles of yoga, kettlebell workouts, bootcamps, spin, and more. Lately, I have been HOOKED on this cycling studio called “RIDE.” Located on Hamilton Street (by Robson) downtown Vancouver. Think night club/dance meets spin. MY GOSH YOU GUYS!! Seriously. Such a fun workout. Dark room, strobe lights, SUPER loud music, and great people! You would think this workout would be mainly cardio and lower body right? wrong. My upper body was ACHING after! Lots of push ups off the bike AND weights. When the instructor asked if I would be okay with 2 lb weights, I stupidly said “OF COURSE. No problem.” Boy! Was I in for it. SUPER high reps, after spinning your heart out, and movements that work the little itty bitty muscles that you think didn’t exist. Seriously, it is a MUST TRY if you are in Vancouver!

Also, I have been helping lead the run club at our store with our ambassador Nat! So if you are looking for a group of friendly folks to run with, meet us at 6 pm every Wednesday at Lululemon on West 4th! We are starting up training for the Lululemon  Seawheeze Half Marathon. JOIN US (it is FREE if you were wondering)!


To say the least, I am living my best life right now. Surrounded with amazing positive RAD people at work. We sweat together on a regular basis. We push each other to better ourselves both as people and as fitness freaks. I love it! I am finally feeling that I have found my place.

Anyway, I would love to share the various studios and workouts I have been trying out! So get ready for that. I also will be showing our renovation on our new home. Demolition started last week!

Ciao for now, babes!



One thought on “#JobLove #TheSweatLifeVancouver

  1. I loved being a lemon even if it was just for a week during the warehouse sale. The company is wonderful and I loved their trainer who came to Edmonton for our orientation, her name is Tiffany and she was awesome. Your Reno is going to be wonderful!!!

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