So what next?

First two races of the year are in the books. Transamerica Rock and Roll San Francisco half marathon and the BMO Vancouver full marathon.

I just updated my Running tab here on my blog and while typing in the year and finish time it made me realize..holy. I really haven’t run a marathon since the end of 2012. Well, duh, Jenn. But really. That sounds like such a long time ago. I will admit, after my finish on Sunday.. I wasn’t proud right off the bat. I was in pain. I was emotional. I was miserable from running in the pouring rain and wind. But then it kicked in.. I ran a freakin’ marathon. That feeling of being able to carry your body for 26.2 miles? that will never get old for me. The human form really is amazing when you think of it.

So what now? what next?

I have racing fever. I already signed up for my next half. YUP! Oak Bay Half Marathon! I ran this one before and it is a beautiful course. Thought, why not. I also have invited my brother out to run it with me and it looks like he is on board :). Here is hoping mother nature is a bit more on our side this time!

What else? I think I got a full dose of crazy in me.

I was talking to the lovely Solana about her experience with trail running and ultras… and it made me think…”should I embark on a new kind of running?” I always thought I would do at least one ultra. The 50k distance seems doable at this point. I want to get more into trail running. It is something that makes me a little uneasy being a predominantly road only runner. But it also makes me excited to see what this body can do. I love being in the outdoors. I love being in the trails. I don’t mind getting a little muddy. So why not? So guys, I haven’t 100% decided yet. But this is what I am contemplating. The Baker Lake 50 k in Washington state…in October. I will keep you up to date with what I decide. I hope to have made my decision in the next month or so.

So that is that for now! I am winding down from my morning run now. I felt good considering I ran a marathon a few days ago. I have an RMT sports massage appointment in a few hours to work out the knots in my body.

For my running readers..

QUESTION OF THE DAY!  have you ever run an ultra? if so, what distance?
if not, would you consider running one?


BMO Vancouver Marathon Recap

I don’t want to write a novel for you guys, so I will do my best to just touch on the various feelings I had throughout the race.


Start line to 10 km


First, I was confused that two intersections were not closed off. Then I realized they probably couldn’t have since they were two major intersections. So they had timing mats before and after the intersection that would pause and start up your chip time. So the time that was published onto my FB automatically was incorrect since it didn’t take that into consideration. I realized I started off WAY too fast. I kept saying to myself “slow down,” but did I? NOPE. I scrapped the strategy I had in place for weeks.. and just let my ego take over. Mistake #2. What was #1 you ask? oh, well I did the biggest rookie mistake. Wore crappy socks. So I had blisters within the first 10 km. Lovely right? My own fault on both parts. So I deserved it.

I didn’t feel too bad on Camosun. I had been warned about this hill before. I remember Jess talking about that hill when I ran with her last year on 16th Ave for a few steps! I think I made it up to be horrible in my head and had ran MANY horrible long hills in my training to prep for it. So I felt pretty good running the entire hill.

11 km to 21.1 km

At 12 km, my friend Caroline and her dog were out in the rain cheering! SO sweet of her to brave the conditions. Really meant so much to see her pretty face (seriously! thank you so much for coming out! just those few seconds of seeing you gave me such a boost and totally made my morning!). Then after the out and back on Blanca, around 15ish km….I got a bad case of the “negative nancys.” I was doing what I could to not focus on how much I didn’t want to be out there. Just focused on my music and other things I am looking forward to in the upcoming months. Mistake #3 “hey maybe I can get to the half way point earlier and REALLY pick it up to be within minutes of my previous time! (sub 4 hr).” NOPE. Bad idea Jenn.. but did I go for it anyway? YUP. *eye roll*

I hit the half way point with a chip time of 2:15:19

Sore? YUP. Tighhhhht hips and two blister growing by the minute.

21.2 km to 32 km

At 22 ish km I saw my friend Jon. (Jon, thank you SO much for coming out. Gotta say, little scared to see those pictures you took. I felt like a hot mess!) My gosh. Then at 22.8ish km, I saw Steven. Steven and I met at our first marathon clinic at the Running Room. He ran with me for a few yards and then peeled off. Then at 23 km, I saw my Dad. THAT really surprised me. He had been following me on “find my friends” app. Seriously great idea for those who have runners in their family. Makes tracking them on course easy. He took a billion and one pictures and video clips of me and my rat nest hair. Rain, running + long hair = I BIG MESS.


I had to adjust my shoe about 3 or 4 times around 25 km. The tongue of the shoe started to fold and then put pressure on my foot and made it super sore. Since feet can swell during this kind of distance, this wasn’t a surprise. Annoying to stop and retie over and over to get the right tightness though! Around 29- 30 km I got a second wind, sorta. The Burrard St bridge has been my nemesis since running BMO back before they changed the course. The old course went over the bridge twice and the slight incline used to kill me. But since my brother and I run it regularly, it felt good to be running up it strong! After getting into English Bay and seeing “32 km” on the big blue km marker.. I kept thinking “okay.. only 10.2 km left, Jenn.” Little did I know how brutal this 10 km was going to be..

33 km to the finish line

BRUTAL. At this point, most runners are kinda mentally all over the place. So instead of signaling or looking behind them before they stop dead in their tracks.. they just stop anyway. Great when you have little coordination in your body. There were a lot of close calls, but no crashes for me! The rain and gusts of wind around some corners were hard to deal with, but I stuck with my 10 and 1 run to walk ratio regardless of how sore I was. The thing about this park is, you forget how long the seawall is when you have already run in the rain for a few hours. I was constantly running and thinking “okay, the bridge is around this corner…NOPE…” Annoying but it is what it is. There are a lot of holes and drains to watch for as well on this path, so it could make running tricky.

37 km, the emotions kicked in. I was reflecting on things I went through last year (recap of this below for those who don’t know). My eyes were tearing up, but I choked it all back. Then 38 km? bring on the inspirational quotes from Children’s hospital patients. I read maybe two of them and I was getting the lower lip quiver, Seeing beautiful words that were said from these brave children. AH, way to make a girl want to cry! Did my best not to cry again, though. These tears were not sad tears. They were tears of being proud of how far I have come mentally. It wasn’t easy…and I lost a lot of belief in myself last year. NOW I was showing myself that I was a lot stronger than I thought I was. 40 km? I couldn’t hold the tears any more. I did start crying quietly to myself as I shuffled. Hips full of pain, lungs a bit sore from huffing and puffing, but a lot of pride in my heart. Seeing the 1 km left marker? GOSH I can’t tell you how much of a relief it was…however it was uphill. Drats. When the finisher gates came up, I did my best to choke the tears back again. I sped up as much as my body would let me. I always like to finish a race hard, but my body physically could only let me get up to a 6:05 pace. My stride was significantly shorter for the last 10 km of the run since my hips were so tight.

I finished with an official chip time of 4:34:29. With an average pace of 6:31/ km.

My slowest marathon, but one of my most emotional ones. Here is a little back story for those who have not been around to read or watch my videos in the last year or so:

Little back story…

As you know, this was my 8th full marathon. However, it was my first marathon back after a year and a bit off. If you have been gone for a while, here is a fast-ish recap of why I stopped in the first place.

After finishing my research for my final university paper on female body shaming (more specifically with women with muscle) I thought I would try to do one competition. I interviewed a few competitors and it seemed like an interesting lifestyle to me. Something was very intriguing, but scary for me nonetheless. Anyway, I hired a coach and hired them for 4 months until I realized how damaging it all was to me. My obsessive personality traits came out. I was constantly looking for a new change in my body everyday. I lost weight TOO fast. I ate the same meals every single day for a month. I was in the gym 2 times a day 5 days a week. I was told to stop doing what I loved most.. running distance. After stopping the work with the coach, I was in a dark space. My disordered eating was triggered, and to top it off one of my family members passed. It all spiraled me out into a very dark place. I felt super lost and lonely, even though I wasn’t physically alone. I felt like I was going crazy and I didn’t know how to explain it to my husband at all until I had a breakdown one night. We decided that something had to happen to see change. This wasn’t okay. I knew something had to be changed around and I looked to getting back into running. So I didn’t run consistently from mid April to about December. Just the odd run here and there. Since I did put on about 20ish lbs, and I absolutely was ANGRY with myself…this didn’t seem like an easy task at all.

I decided the marathon was what I needed back in my life. Those months leading up to training, and the 4 months of training for the race were an uphill battle. A lot of self hate and self doubt…soon turned into more self love and only a little doubt ;). I was slowly seeing ME again. So you may be able to see how this race was such an emotional one for me. I felt fearless in that moment. Though I was an emotional mess and in a lot of pain.. I felt on top of the world. That I could do anything. THIS is one of the many reasons I love this distance. It shows me that I CAN do whatever I put my mind and work into.


Thoughts before marathon #8

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a ball of emotions. I am happy. I am scared. I am excited. I am nervous. I have been asked “How? you have done this so many times before!” but you know what? this time is different. To be honest, I had a lot of self doubt and self hate that I had to overcome throughout the course of the last 8 or 9 months. I lost my path. I felt passionless. I felt lost. Kinda crazy how running, or lack there of, can have that kind of effect on me.

So this training was much more than training for a marathon. This training has brought me back to my happy place. It was a long uphill battle, but I am getting back to where I wanted to be. After my stint of looking towards competing last year.. my legs were different. My whole life I had strong, muscular legs. This was the first time in my life that my legs were losing their strength and became quite soft. The combination of eating very little with overexercising had me lose a lot of muscle that I previously had. Anyway, you can see where my worries for this training kind of arose from. Could my legs take the beating they had, time and time again? I also had put on some fat mass that made things harder on my body. So a lot of self doubt came over me.

But something shifted about 3/4s of the way through this training. I learned to eat clean, eat an athlete should. The 21 day fix helped LOADS with that.

So now I sit here, a belly FULL of butterflies thinking about how this time tomorrow I will be running my 8th marathon. I know I have the training under my fuel belt. I know I have done this before. Though I am slightly scared, I know this will all go well. Heck, maybe I will surprise myself.

I have had THE most supportive words spoken to me all week. I am truly grateful for the husband, family and friends I have been blessed and offline! Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. Though I am a ball of nerves, I will get my head into the game once I step onto my float plane in an hour. I work best under pressure anyway ;).

Though I have no goal time in place, I have my strategy ready. I am not like most marathoners.. in fact I am a total weirdo. I more often than not, negative split my races. That is the plan again for this race, but if something goes wrong.. that is okay too. I just tend to preform best with a VERY slow start, with a super fast finish. This race was to “get back into it” not to Boston Qualify. So I am hoping to hit the half way point around 2:10 or 2:15. Then start picking up from there. We will see if the plan and pacing goes according to plan!

I will be hitting up the BMO Expo in a few hours and then going for dinner at one of my favourite places with some good online friends :). Joey Bentall is one of my FAVES. Cannot wait! Hello steak and potatoes, get in my bellehhh! Then to go through my nightly ritual of compression socks, hydration and Spirit of the Marathon. BY THE WAY, if you have not seen this documentary…STOP READING AND GO WATCH NOW!! It is so inspirational and I watch it before every full marathon that I race!

Alright. Time to get my game face on. Tomorrow I shall leave my nerves at home, and leave my soul and heart out there on that race course. I am ready for you Vancouver!


PS. Butterflies just went SUPER crazy just now! eep! Also, check out that elevation for the first half ;). Sexy isn’t it!

21 Day Fix Round 1 RESULTS

So this is the post I am sure most have been waiting for. I finished my first round of the 21 day fix on Tuesday and Wednesday I took down my measurements, took photos and weighed myself. Before I get into the juicy stuff I want to go over a few things.

1. I really hesitated with using the scale as a unit of measurement for this documentation.

As I have talked about in the past, I had a very ugly relationship with the scale. I never talked about to the extend. Sure, I talked about how when I saw a number I didn’t like, it would determine how I felt that day about myself and about everything. But I didn’t talk about the serious stuff. Mainly because I was pretty ashamed I let myself get to that point. So I think it would be best for me to be 100% upfront with you all on this because I want to show everything. The good, the bad, the ugly. Plus, if one of you are reading this and are experiencing a similar experience.. sometimes knowing you aren’t alone can mean a lot. (Do not hesitate to ever email me if you need someone to talk to. I am not a doctor or therapist but I can do my best to support you in your goals, struggles and victories. I answer every email I get.) Okay. Here it is. I used to starve myself before weigh in day. If I weighed in on Saturday morning, that meant I wouldn’t eat from Friday around 3 pm onward. If I had an evening weigh in, I wouldn’t eat most of the day. I also would not drink water. So you can see how disordered this got. I have a very ugly relationship with the scale, and therefore I did not want to use it. But I felt I would just for this round. I will not be using it regularly from now on for this reason.

2.  I did not use the 3 day quick fix guide for day 19-day 21.

If you do not know what this guide is, it comes with the program. It is a set meal plan and very clean plain foods. Personally, I chose not to use this as it would trigger my disordered eating. I know my triggers by now, and restricting to these foods would have made things worse.

3. Our next group is starting up soon!

If you want coaching from myself, support of a group (you do not have to be local, this is done via Facebook), and to see success from something like this..shoot me an email! I would love to talk to you more about your goals and get you on your way :).


Okay, to get into the physical results. I want to say first, this program had more behavioral and mental changes that override my physical results hands down. We will get into those shortly. By the way, I am 5 foot 7 if you were wondering.

Pounds lost: 6.1 lbs

Inches lost: overall 7.25 inches

IMG_0932Oh and yes. I self tanned. Oh and yes. I look hecka awkward ;).

So behavior changes I noticed. I feel I now look at food very differently. I noticed before this program I was overeating on my starchier foods. Easy. Sweet potato? ya I would easily eat a HUGE one to myself before. Now with the structure of the fix, I see where my portions should be. I also see food as fuel rather than only for sparking my taste buds. I noticed I was able to see what foods really gave me a good amount of fuel before my long runs. This program made this very clear.

Cravings? I only have had a few here and there. But nothing intense. The fix allows flexibility, as you have seen. Sushi, burrito, dark chocolate. I still was able to enjoy foods I love. So the cravings weren’t as intense since I knew I would be able to have them if I really wanted.

I also felt SUPER strong on the road during training. Lighter on my feet, mentally clearer, and overall just stronger. My body felt properly fueled and my energy was high. Nothing better than an efficient feeling run. My pacing even has improved it feels like!


Overall thoughts on the program…

Guys…I am in love. I had a feeling in my gut that this program was going to be a game changer and guess what? I am pretty sure I was right. I love that I can use this nutritional program alongside any other training I will be doing. It is versatile. I can eat food I love. I can enjoy my social life!

I will say I hate the name. I believe that some words carry various meanings to the readers who read them..and fix to me implies quick or rapid. But I do realize for marketing purposes, Beachbody had to name it something appealing. KNOW that this is NOT a quick fix. This is sustainable weight loss. THIS is really what I consider a lifestyle. Eventually you won’t need the containers for guides and you will be better at eating without them. Soon, you will see what “eating treats in moderation” really means! You DO learn from this program with the structure and flexibility of a healthy lifestyle. This has to be what I love most about it.

As a trainer who is not legally able to provide meal plans or nutritional advice, this is something I can recommend to my clientele. I can fully trust that my clients are going to see full results if they pair my workouts, Autumn’s workouts on the DVDs (from time to time) and the nutritional program.

FAQ I have gotten in the last few weeks:

I am breastfeeding, am I still able to participate in the 21 day fix?

Yes you can. You will have to adjust your calorie bracket differently, but it is okay to do. If you will be using the fitness programs too, make sure it is okay with your doctor and that you listen to your body.

What equipment do I need for the workouts?

You will need a pair of light and heavier dumbbells, a yoga mat, towel and water. Not all of the DVDs require all of this, but some will.

Do I need to buy and use Shakeology when I do the 21 day fix?

You do not have to, but it is recommended to see full results. If you have any questions in regards to Shakeology, I am an email away.

Can you purchase more containers?

Yes you can. You may buy from the website.

I get sore knees if I jump around too much. Will I be able to do these workouts?

Yes you can. There is always a modifier in any program you buy from beachbody so to make movements lower impact. Also, you can purchase a jump mat from Beachbody to cushion your movements.

Is it expensive?

It is one of the most affordable programs we offer. Again, email me so we can talk goals to see if this is right for you. We can then go over prices and how I can get you the best offer possible.


If you have any questions for me, comment below or email me at the email in my contact tab!


What next?

I will be doing one more round of the fix starting a few days after my marathon. I want to be sure my body is ready for movement post race. After that I will be using the food portion of things along with another program, which I have yet to decide. This program has been amazing with my marathon training and fix journey so I will be definitely using the nutrition side of things for a long time!



21 Day Fix- Day 21!!




pilates fix and lower fix


oats, banana, peanut butter



vegan tropical strawberry shakeology, spinach, flax, cherries, almond milk



chicken, sweet potato, green beans and broccoliIMG_0909


strawberries, honey, greek yogurtIMG_0910


Actually had cucumbers too.. but didn’t picture it

cucumber, carrots, hummusIMG_0912


beef, black beans, quinoa, spinach, onion, mushroom coconut oil



21 Day Fix- Day 20



vegan tropical strawberry shakeology, frozen cherries, spinach, flax, almond milk


toast, 2 eggs, spinach, cheese, watermelon



chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots and cucumbers


cucumber, strawberries, greek yogurt, honey



beef, quinoa, onions, mushrooms, seasoned with liquid aminos, lime juice and hot sauce.


21 Day Fix- Day 19

Pre-run meal

not shown

2 tsp pb, half banana mushed and thrown into oatmeal


not shown

vegan tropical strawberry shakeology, black cherries, spinach, flax, almond milk


LAST Sunday runday before the marathon!! weeee!! so 10 km was on the menu and to say the least…my legs did not wanna slow down. 5:28/km pace. Say whaaat?!

PS. How AWESOME is this shirt? bought it at the Lorna Jane booth in San Francisco at the half marathon expo. It is a ribbed tank which I hate usually, so I just got a bigger size. LOVE it. Next time, though, they should put this phrase on a loose fitting top. Just sayin’.



2 poached eggs, toast, cheese melted on toast, onions, green beans, bell peppers, mushroom stirfry, coconut oil, watermelon



greek yogurt, 2 tsp honey


2 slices toast, chicken, onion, spinach, cucumber, broccoli, hot sauce


Then, because I want to be 100% upfront with you all.. Matt and I went over to see our friends Kevin, Amanda and Molly (the puppy we were watching earlier). They ordered pizza and I did indulge in 2 slices (fairly large ones too). So I did go over containers but I don’t feel too bad about it. I don’t want to stress about the scale. I want to live my life. So I am learning to do that through this program and I gotta say, it is SO freeing.