Pilates in my best elf pants

I had a busy line up! So I decided to get my workout done right away after my Shakeology (hence the last blog post). I had Isometric and Pilates. WOW. I haven’t done pilates before and my booty was sore after! and yes, I wore my Christmas elf pants.

I met with to clients I will be working with very shortly. I am very excited to get to know them and work with them! We went to a cafe in Uptown I had never been in and I was pleasantly surprised to see they served almond milk. Almond milk latte for the win!

IMG_4126I picked up a few produce items before heading home. I got a bit of work done before getting ready for some girls night! I reconnected with one of the wives who’s husband is on Matt’s ship. It was good to chat! in fact we chatted for over 3 hours and had a lovely dinner at Cactus Club. Just what I needed. I didn’t get home until 9:15. What a party animal I am. Oh, and no alcohol to be clear. I just don’t drink during training season…I do ….CARB though!

IMG_4128This wasn’t the plan but man. I love their prawn spaghetti so I went for it and don’t regret it one bit! Originally I was going for the Rob Hunter chicken dish because it is just one of my faves but nope. Had to carb it up. Delish. Then I slept hard to only be woke by a fire truck and an alarm going off in the building across the street at 3 am. Oh well.

Shopping with my Momma

I am back home visiting the family as I said in my last post. I ended up getting my work in first thing in the morning and then talking to my Mom for hours before I got my sweat on. What? I haven’t been home since Christmas! we needed a catch up even if we do talk basically every day if not every second day…

I got my Agility X from P90X3 in. I didn’t have tape so I ended up using my imagination which was fine. I got a mega sweat in!



I was explaining to my mom that I needed to pick up more Nespresso…Hi, my name is Jennifer Jones and I am a Nespresso addict. So we got ready for a little shopping. So I decided to go all out and put makeup on, jeans, and curl my hair. Who is this girl?!


It is bizarre. This mirror makes me look way shorter than I am. I am 5 foot 7! also, I am experimenting with booties. I find I rarely know how to pair booties with clothing and I have a few cute pair I want to get more use out of. These are a Chelsea boot knock off from Old Navy.

At Nespresso I picked up a few sleeves of my favourite Roma capsules, and also ventured with Arpeggio capsules. We decided to sit down for a little espresso before we continued on our way.


We decided to leave Pacific Centre and walk out onto Robson. I went into the new Old Navy on Robson and Granville. I have been LOVING their fitness clothing. I picked up a pair of crops that are a creamsicle colour, a top that says “running wildly” and a grey warm up top. Oh and a pair of my favourite skinny jeans for 12 bucks. Whoop! Since all my jeans are too tight or don’t fit at all now because my quads and booty have grown as it seems.. I am happy to replace a pair at this price.

I also wanted to check out Victoria’s Secret. I love that store way too much. I went into the PINK section and scored a new pullover sweat top for $13. Holla! It may be a bit too big but what ever. It is a sweat shirt right? Then I wanted to see a few pairs of their VSX sport line pants. Really happy I did because the ones I almost ordered online were not as cute as I thought in person. So I ended up buying another pair of my beloved stirrup pants in a grey colour. SERIOUSLY. I love them for yoga and pilates! I may or may not be sporting them as I blog!

On our way home, the sun was peaking out. Since it was Wednesday, that is my scheduled “ez run” day so I hit the road.

IMG_3432Since I left around 5 pm, the sun was coming down quick. I am not a bit ran of running at dusk alone. Especially around UBC since there is a lot of forest around. I also don’t have my reflective coats around when I am visiting. But it wasn’t completely dark by the time I got home. I just acted like no one could see me so I was pretty cautious. Oh and bonus? I found $5 in the middle of the sidewalk on my run. Is this what it feels like to be a sponsored runner? no? well I am easily amused.

Came home to a beautiful dinner made by my Momma. Pork chop, onions, salad, roasted carrots and sweet potato. Oh yum!

Then? big brother Josh came by with my birthday gift. He did some traveling in the states the last few weeks and found the runners I have been looking for. You guys should know at this point. I am a Mizuno girl. LOVE my waverider 17s, and have been in waveriders since the 13 model. He found the navy coloured pair with sea foam/minty details. I like a dark pair of shoes since I live in a rainier climate. My white ones are already starting to brown. No bueno. I am such a girl aren’t I? Some road runner I am! 😛 Anyway, best gift! Josh is the best :). Plus the Mizunos are a heck of a lot cheaper where he bought them.

QOTD: Do you like running at dusk/in the dark?




My new Erin Condren planner


You know what is rare for me? waking up SUPER hungry. Sure I will be a bit hungry when I wake up but yesterday..nuh uh. I was hungry. Guess marathon training season is in swing for sure! Decided to make my protein powder-less protein pancakes.



1/3 cup oats
1 egg
1 tbsp plain greek yogurt
few frozen blueberries
1 tbsp flax seed
1/2 banana
baking powder


Blended the oatmeal in my vitamix to create oat flour.

Mixed everything together except for the banana.

Made me some pancakes. Topped with half a slice banana and a little maple syrup drizzle.

After letting that digest, I went out on my run. I really didn’t want to. My bed was so cozy and I was finding every reason as to why I don’t want to go. It looks like it will rain. It looks chilly. My usual running jackets are in the wash…and so on. But you know what? If I listen to those voices, it just makes it easier and easier to put it off each time. Making myself do things I don’t want to do sometimes will kick me into the proper mindset and get things done. Plus? San Francisco is hilly. That’s what. I wanna be prepared! So I ran 6 hills and a mini warm up and cool down.


I then had my Shakeology, finished some work and then got into my P90X3 workout. Accelerator! I decided to wear one of my new shirts from Old Navy. Love this thing.


I showered up, grabbed some grub and got ready to hit the road to Vancouver. I haven’t seen my family since Christmas so I wanted to pay a visit. Plus, my Dad went and picked up a parcel I had waiting at our cabin in the states! So happy my Erin Condren planner arrived! I shipped it there because shipping to Canada was just OUT OF HAND. Very lucky we have that American address.

IMG_3416I love it. Basically I get super picky with how things are laid out within a planner. One reason why I use DailyMile instead of an actual written running mileage journal. I like things bright and open.


I love that it has sections for goals and it splits the days up into morning, day and night. Love the positive affirmations through out it. Ah. I love it so much!

QQOTD: Do you use a planner and do you get picky with how the format is as well?

Doing one thing a day to get out of my comfort zone

Oh Mondays. Usually I am all refreshed and stuff, but I had to wake up a bit early so to get my work done before a few appointments. I got in my P90X3. I switched my week around as I do with marathon training and did Dynamix. It was PERFECT for post long run day. It was basically dynamic stretching.


I vlogged yesterday, where you can see my exciting day. But I went to meet my good friend Haleema for coffee. We lived in residence together in UVIC and were born in the same city. Soon we will be neighbors which is pretty sweet! We talked for HOURS and then I walked home.

On my walk home, the bridge went up. They are doing some construction and it seemed like most of the day they were raising and lowering it. I had to wait for about 30 minutes and talked with a stranger. One thing I am trying to do is get out of my comfort zone once a day and being a bit shy at time, talking to strangers is not my forte! But hey! I talked to a very nice lady and made a business contact out of it! Things happen for a reason, am I right?

Because I left eating lunch to last minute, my cravings were out of control. Pretty happy I didn’t go in with my original craving plan. When I am STARVING, I crave sweets…more specifically, chocolate covered almonds. UGH! Its so horrible. But I didn’t give in. I walked past Bulk Barn and went right home to eat some clean food.

Gabe and I had our usual Monday night girls night hang out. “Watched” Bachelor. The quotes are because we basically talked the entire time. That is how we do!

QQOD: Do you find your cravings get crazy out of hand when you don’t eat at your proper times/are at the point of starving?


A day at the Victoria Health show

Sunday Runday! I woke up slightly later than intended due to my later night the night before. Which is totally fine. I was a sleepy runner this morning! It was mighty foggy for the first part of the morning and something about fog creeps me out. Luckily my twitter buddy James Koole reminded me what the fog monsters really are:


After a good laugh and a yummy breakfast, I hit the road. This run was much better than last week. I finally have broken in my Mizuno Waverider 17s. Thank goodness! I was starting to think I didn’t like them because my left foot would get a blister on one toe, and 3 of my toes would be numb. Not cool. But after 75 km on them, they seem to have stretched to my foot a bit better.

Little to no soreness on this run. Last week my hip flexors and IT bands were TIGHT. Wow. I was limping around for a few hours after my run, but I think my body is coming around. I have been very on it with my flexibility work and relaxing properly. My body is getting used to my running schedule again…whooo!

IMG_3307After my foggy run, the fog lifted. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It is days like this, where the blue sky takes over, that makes me fall in love with Victoria all over again.

I had an appointment with one of my coaching teammates, Dana (go check her out! she is awesome. She has a youtube too!) . We always have great talks! Love that girl!

Then my good friend Gabe (also a super awesome individual. Seriously. Check them both out!) and I went off to the Victoria Health show. We went last year and it was great!

IMG_3311Ignore the horrible shadowy photo. We planned on taking more photos outside after the fair..did we? nope! Instead we hit up Winners and Old Navy. Priorities!

Back at the show, I picked up my all time favourite thing. I always buy Kombucha when I go to Whole Foods in Vancouver or the Market here. I LOVE Kombucha and this company is really was awesome. It is Canadian based and the flavours were great!


Of course  the show had a couple really gimmicky things. As per usual with health shows am I right? To be honest, it scares me to see that people will be so interested in the quick fix to weight loss problems. I will be blunt here, wrapping your body in wraps is not going to help you long term. Sorry but the results are from you most likely sweating it up in some cellophane and therefore losing water weight. Easily gained again in less than a day.  I am not one for bashing peoples choices when it comes to health and fitness, but this isn’t health or fitness. This is literally getting tangled in your kitchen cellophane while you are wrapping up left overs and calling it a weight loss plan. Don’t get me started on the various weight loss pills or formulas. You want to find a way to get yourself really sick? try taking some off the shelf “weight loss magic pill.” Seriously. I don’t care if your Aunt Pauline and friend Sally are doing it. It is a quick way to hurt not only your metabolism, but your health.

Anywho, back in your cage ranty Jenn. *scurries*

We were there mainly to see the man of the hour. Gabe and I both love Tommy Europe. I had a chance to workout with him at my Can-Fit-Pro Certification conference back in November in Vancouver. It was amazing! I used to be addicted to his TV shows “Bulging Brides” and “Last 10 lbs Bootcamp.” He really tells it to you straight, makes you think and be true to yourself, and gives you some great tools. He NEVER lets you get away with excuses which I love. This man is one of the reasons I am very proud to be in the health and fitness industry. There are a lot of people and products out there that are horrible examples of the health and fitness industry, but Tommy? nope. He is a prime example. He is professional, encouraging, positive, understanding of struggles but helps you overcome them, he is knowledgeable. I could go on. He also matches his shoe laces with his shirts which is a big score in my books. Serious. I’ve done it too!


As I mentioned, we hit up Old Navy and Winners after the health show. We picked up flavored coffee because we both have a problem. It is just too delish. I went with salted caramel (YUM!), pumpkin spice, and toasted maple nut (yeah, eh?). Then I went a little crazy with comfy clothes and workout clothes (cuz I SO need more of those ..not) from Old Navy.

After an AWESOME girls day, I got into my sweats made up a yummy meal since I was ravenous. Then what? uh watched Sean and Catherine’s wedding. Yeah, I don’t watch the Grammy’s. I hate award shows. They bore me!


I gotta say, I got so much second hand embarrassment watching this. There was so much CHEESE it was ridiculous. Really happy Matt and I didn’t compare our love to butterflies or sprinkles at any point. I mean I can make one up if you want?
Matt.. my love for you is like my love for a big party platter of sushi after running a marathon. No? Doesn’t work? works for me! (If you don’t know the story or the reference. After my last marathon in 2012, Matt proposed to me. We also ordered a TON of sushi to pick up later that afternoon. When we went to pick it up, they packed it in a party platter and said “big party tonight?” and I just pointed to my tummy and said “BIG PARTY FOR ME TONIGHT.” Best post marathon meal ever…)

QQOTD: Did you watch Sean and Catherine’s wedding or the Grammy’s?

Super party animal Saturday night!

Oh Saturdays, how I love thee.

I took it nice and easy getting up! I slept like a rock. Something about the first sleep in fresh sheets. I tell ya man!

So to kick off my relaxing rest day, I made a big almond milk latte. I added cocoa powder, cinnamon and stevia to make it kind of cinnamon bun like. Yum!


I did my best to RELAX and not work. Since I love my job, I can find myself working on days I have scheduled to RELAX on. So I did have to pull myself away from the computer a few times. I got my boring old chores done. You know. Laundry, cleaning, that party animal grind you know?

I filmed a new video and edited most of the afternoon before heading off to church.

I have been wanting to practice my faith a bit more lately. Ever since the stresses I had gone through at the end of 2013. I had been craving to enhance myself spiritually. So I looked up the closest Catholic church and went to the Saturday evening Sunday vigil. I was really nervous to be honest. I have never just gone to mass by myself, usually it is with family and my husband. But it was so good. I really connected with the priest and I want to make this a consistent thing. Father spoke after reading the Gospel on something that really just spoke to me. It was almost like a sign.

As I have spoken about before. This year is my year to come out of hiding and do things for ME. Doing things that make me happy and not caring what others will think. He spoke about darkness and how we often will hide behind it. How we can conceal all our flaws and imperfections and with the rise of social media, this makes it that much easier. Sometimes we feel we can’t be ourselves completely. He spoke of coming forth and embracing those imperfections because we all have our own insecurities or flaws and it isn’t something we should be shameful of.

Ah! I just really connected with myself spiritually in mass yesterday and I really feel great.

A little while after that, it was GIRLS NIGHT. We went wild and crazy on the sushi! I have one indulgence (sometimes two!) a week, and I went crazy for sushi! Introducing: Gyoza, California roll, spicy scallop, and spicy tuna roll. Just a few of my favourites!

IMG_3300My sister in law, Steph, was in town for a course for the weekend. So we grabbed a Starbucks on the walk back to my place. I went with an old time favourite: Steamed milk and vanilla. I had a little sweet tooth so this was a nice treat.

I transferred a bunch of out wedding photos onto a USB for my in-laws. Unfortunately I could not give them all of the photos since there were just SO many and the files are big! However, some of the photos I figured wouldn’t be all that interesting to them. Photos of just my dress, the bridesmaid dresses, the shoes, my rings I was wearing, me doing my makeup etc. Then Steph went back to where she was staying and I called it a night! I fell asleep as soon as my head hit that pillow.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend ❤

Not every run will be a good run


IMG_3257 Friday is my fourth and final run of the week before my much needed rest day. Generally I do not put a set distance to run on my weekday runs but I have a minimum to reach which is usually about 7 km.  But I do let myself have one run in the week where it is under that minimum. Especially this soon into the training season. So yesterday I went out and man, I was not havin’ it. Sometimes we have those runs. I mean not every run will be great, right? that is a given. I just felt out of breath, couldn’t get into the groove of it and I did not want to be out there running, even though it was a BEAUTIFULLY sunny day out! Usually my rule of thumb is, if I am not “getting into the groove” of that run within 15 minutes, I will call it a 5 km distance day. Hey! I did something right?

I find I get way too hung up on how much my pace has changed. I was able to run sub 5 minute kilometers a year ago. Now I am over a minute slower than I was. I know it is so “duh Jenn, obviously that will happen” type moment, but it sucks. Pitty party for one? …and know what I realized I forgot? how far I have come. The old Jenn could barely run a few blocks and I was running for much longer than that. I get ahead of myself sometimes!

Clearly I was just having a bit of a negative morning. Pace shouldn’t matter unless I am trying to Boston Qualify..which will come in time ;). FUN FACT: My goal is to Boston Qualify before I am 30.

Moral of the story here, just because you weren’t all smiles during your workout or you were not havin’ it…doesn’t mean it was pointless. I did something. Not every run within my training will go to plan and that is okay.

Anyway, I practiced some TurboKick later on in the day. That always gets my spirit up. It is just such a fun class. My goal is to find a facility to instruct at after my trip to California later in a few months. Then i got my P90X3 AgilityX disk on. I was a sweaty mess after that.

IMG_3267I was feeling so good about my work as the day progressed. I have been a Beachbody coach for a while now, but I only recently in the last 6 months started really focusing on my business. I have been doing my best to push myself out of my comfort zone everyday and I am pretty proud of it. I really love what I do because it makes me strengthen and grow as a person. I also get to reach out to you guys and assist you whenever you feel you need someone to talk to. I am so blessed to be able to do what I do. I LOVE MY JOB!

Since I love work so much, I find sometimes I get ahead of myself and forget what time it is. So I made myself log off around 4 pm to relax and do my own thing. I watched Bridesmaids (one my of my all time favourite movies) and prepped dinner. I had some Avocados I needed to get using so I thought I would make up some guac! oh baby. I also had some kale so it only came naturally to make kale chips. So yummy. I just use oil, salt and pepper on my kale chips. I am so plain Jane.


IMG_3269I ran myself a bubble bath. Found the newest episode of Milliondollar Matchmaker on the “Slice” webpage and watched while I relaxed. How girlie of me right?

Also, I found a place to watch the Toned Up series on Bravo (but online) and have been addicted to that. Seriously makes me want to move to California! I wish!

It was a perfect Friday night if you ask me!